With over 15 million tracked sites, Google Analytics is currently the most widely used tool for measuring website audiences, but don’t we have any other choice? Indeed the monopoly of Google is greatly felt in this sector and Equatorial Guinea Email List many positive points (free, technology ..) black spots on the table are accumulating. Discover our feelings about certain alternatives to Google Analytics and the opinion of Laurent de Bar Corporate Marketing Director at AT Internet on the subject.

Founded in 2007, Wikileaks is a collaborative platform bringing together a community of activist hackers whose mission is to disclose, in an anonymous, non-identifiable and secure manner, secret files concerning actions and / or State projects at the global level in order to ensure total transparency towards the populations. Before being made public, these documents are submitted “to the examination of a community of expert reviewers”. According to Julian Assange , founder of the platform, the goal of WikiLeaks is to become “the most powerful intelligence organ in the world”.

Google Analytics Key Dates

In October 2005, Google launched its first version of Analytics. A victim of its own success, the platform was quickly closed due to too much demand. In November of the same year, the Google Analytics (GA) team released an improved V1 to which access was limited by an invitation system.

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In October 2008, Google published a V3 focusing on the creation of functionalities for businesses. For V3, GA offers advanced segmentation features, custom reporting, and an external API. In 2009, Google Analytics Data Export API becomes available to all users, which opens the door to lint analyzes on other platforms.

Doing Good Business On Commercial Sites

In October 2009, Google Analytics launched a V4 with an algorithm that detects anomalies in the site data and alerts users. In April 2011, GA V5 hit the market and in September 2011 a premium version was launched.

In October 2011, GA introduced flow visualizations. Now users can observe the different types of visitor flow to the site. In parallel, Google begins the encryption of search data for all searches signed in a Google account. Search keyword restrictions appear.

Finally, in October 2012, Universal Analytics was announced. It allows users to track offline behavior and augment customer data with external demographics and other types of data.

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