And interesting content. How to create a Fanpage or page on Facebook create fan page To begin with, it is important to note that every fan page is linked to a personal account. Therefore, the first step to create a fan page is to log in to the platform. Although it may sound like an unnecessary step, we consider explaining the creation of a fanpage from scratch so as not to leave any doubts along the way. How to create a Fanpage from the Facebook website create fanpage from facebook website If you are on the web version of Facebook for computers, you should go to the sections area on the left side of the interface. Select “pages” and “create new page”. Doing so will open a new interface in which you must place the information of the page .

The information requested is: page name.  Category that describes the topic or type of business and a description of up to 255 characters about your page. Then click on “create page” create facebook page Después de ingresar esos primeros datos aparecerán.  Las opciones para agregar la foto de perfil y foto de portada. Puedes arrastrarlas desde Cambodia Phone Number tu ordenador o hacer.  Clic en dónde dice “agregar foto del perfil” y se abrirá la ventana emergente de tu carpeta de fotos. Al seleccionar ambas debes dar clic en guardar. Profile picture and page cover on facebook Luego.  De ello aparecerá otra ventana emergente en la que podrás agregar un número.  De celular para conectar la fanpage con Whatsapp.

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No obstante, esta información es opcional. Pero si quieres salir de ella te indicará como advertencia que “no podrás publicar anuncios de.  WhatsApp ni agregar el botón de WhatsApp a tu página”. Si luego quisieras hacerlo tendrías que ir a la configuración de la fanpage para conectar ambas cuentas. connect fanpage and whatsapp After this last step, your fan page is ready so you can start generating content. Also, Facebook offers you a step guide so you can improve the profile of your fanpage. Those steps include adding contact information, location, hours, inviting friends, and adding a welcome post. post facebook fanpage How to create a fanpage from the mobile application create fanpage from cell phone On the other hand, if you want to create the fanpage from your cell phone.

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you must enter the application and go to the menu located at the top of the platform and look for the “pages” and “create” section. You must first choose a name for the page. choose fanpage name In the second step you must define the category of your business. You can choose between popular categories or choose them by entering words in the search engine that it offers you. fan page category You will then have the option to add a location. This can be precise or just city, state or province. If you want you can skip this step. fanpage address Note : Depending on the category, you may be presented with other information options such as adding a link to your website or selecting.

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“I don’t have a website”. Finally, it will ask you to choose a profile photo and a cover photo that identify your brand. When you finish adding both select “done” fanpage images Note. The cover photo has a rectangular format. So it will be convenient to choose panoramic framing photos. In the case of the profile photo. It has a circular format that allows you to enter a small editor to change the frame.  Crop the photo, place stickers, text or drawing. In the same way as in the format to create fanpages.  In the computer version, Facebook will suggest linking the account with WhatsApp. If you want you can add it or skip this step and do it later. images for fanpage After these steps your fanpage will be created.

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