Everyone talks about Buyer Personas, but in real life, few know what it is in practice. Yet, they are the strategy. So what is a Buyer Persona? What’s the point? What are the risks you run if you don’t work them well and how do you make an effective Buyer Persona? What is a Buyer Persona: the definition? Do you really know who your target is? And I’m not asking you what your target is. That I’m sure you know. I said who WHO is your target. The challenge of marketing is to send the right messages, to the right person, at the right time, and in the right place.

To succeed in this challenge, it is essential to know your target inside out. Know WHO is your target. This is the definition of Buyer Persona: a Buyer Persona is the typical profile of your ideal client. The customer your sales reps love to talk to and with whom you love to work. What is its function in the company you are targeting, that’s easy? You have to go beyond that to make your Buyer Persona. Your Buyer Persona is made up of demographic but also behavioral characteristics. You need to know and understand their behavior: how they get information, how do they train, how do they buy? You must also fully understand its problems, the problems that it encounters on a daily basis.

Why make your Buyer Personas?

And the questions that it asks itself in its purchase reflection. All this information will allow you to build a high-value editorial line and identify all the digital marketing levers that you need to exploit. In the field, the work of Buyer Persona is really neglected! There Switzerland Phone Number are companies that do not know what it is and therefore do not tackle it. And then there are the companies, a good majority, who have read stuff from right to left on the subject and which take 1 hour to do a Buyer Persona on the corner of a table. That, I tell you right away, it is useless but we will come back to it.

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These companies, which represent 99% of those I meet, do not have a proper Buyer Persona and that’s a real problem. They assume things. They create content without really knowing if it will interest their target, they communicate on social networks without knowing where their target is spending time … These companies all have an ROI problem. And this is normal since they navigate by sight. For those who take a look at Koh Lanta, rushing through the work of Buyer Persona is like going through the orientation test without a compass. Worse, it is even to test the orientation with a compass which indicates the North to the South! Yes, you can win. But in the long run, you will die on the island.

They advance with a wet finger

The risk you run if you don’t work properly on your Buyer Personas is investing large amounts of money in stocks that won’t earn you anything. And it’s a shame when we know that digital marketing offers us the possibility of analyzing everything to optimize its return on investment in real-time. Example of a failed Buyer Persona: To illustrate the risks of a bad Buyer Persona, I am going to tell you a customer anecdote. Some time ago, I accompanied a company that wanted to attract prospects such as ” Managing Director of industrial SMEs through digital marketing. As part of his Buyer Persona study, this client went on LinkedIn to see if a few target CEOs had an account: they all had one.

My client then concluded that investing a LinkedIn Ads ( LinkedIn advertising campaign) budget of € 5,000 per month would be a good way to generate leads. Terrible mistake. My client ran his campaign for several months but did not generate any return on investment. Blame it on a poor definition of his Buyer Persona. By interviewing some target CEOs, we realized that they did have a LinkedIn account but that they never connected to it because they were frustrated to be polluted in private messages by salespeople who were a little too nagging and requests. internship. My client assumed their Buyer Persona was using LinkedIn. The reality was quite different and he found himself throwing several thousand euros out the window.

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