And disadvantages that could affect your personal integrity or the image of your brand. If you are interested in mastering all social networks, with a diploma in social media ads you will learn the characteristics of the different social networks to develop quality content. This will generate engagement and increase your sales. As a consequence, you will make your advertising costs cheaper. It includes daily updates, local alerts, expert recommendations, contact with health organizations, among other options. Friends this section includes friend requests and a preview of the profiles of people you might add.

Pages organize all the pages you manage with your account. In addition, it shows you the pages that you like, those from which you received an invitation or others that you could follow. Groups this section shows the groups to which you are joined, as well as news and publications that have been made in them. There are also suggestions Romania Phone Number for the user to join new groups. Watch shows videos from pages you follow, shows and series, live videos and saved videos. You can even modify the list of pages from which you want to continue watching videos or not. Recent advertising activity it is a section that shows you which are the ads with which you had recent interaction.

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that interested you and saved. Ad manager this section is a shortcut for facebook ads manager. However, you must have a business account or manage a business page, so you can use this tool. Community help in this section you can organize a collection, request or offer help or work as a volunteer. Upon entering you can apply a series of location filters, type of publication and categories. Business-suite this section is also a shortcut to enter the business suite options. Of course, you must have a business account or manage a business page to access this tool.

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Ad center this section offers you quick help to create ads in just a few steps. To do this, it gives you access to a questionnaire with questions that will help you define the objective of the ad, the budget and reach the target. Climate here you can view the weather of the city you are in, in a weekly projection. You can also check the weather for other locations and schedule daily weather notifications. Creatorstudio it’s a shortcut to the creator studio platform where you can schedule posts for both facebook and instagram. As well as respond to messages in the inbox and get statistics.

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Blood donations in this section you can schedule notifications about blood donation campaigns in your area. You can also activate alerts, schedule dates and invite other friends to participate in these campaigns. Jobs thanks to this section you can easily search for jobs just by entering a search. Likewise, you can add filters, generate alarms and also offer jobs and manage the requests you receive. Events in this section you can search for events, see the events you organized, were interested in or will attend. You can also filter events according to various categories.

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