The people will not stand without trust. And the Exit Mobile Phone Numbers industry will fail without trust” – it can be seen that trust is a very important foundation for a country or an enterprise. According to data from authoritative institutions. After the seventh national census in 2021. Among the 1.41 billion people in my country. More than 200 million people rented. Renting has become the new normal for young people in first- and second-tier cities. The entire rental Exit Mobile Phone Numbers market has also gradually recovered after the epidemic. The competition among major rental platforms has become increasingly fierce. And they are scrambling to come up with various subsidy policies to attract tenants. In the past. There was ziroom’s “haiyan plan” for graduate students to pay monthly and 0 deposit. The “Harbor activities” launched by the apartment for 22% off check-in and free room change.

Match Business Demands Exit Mobile Phone Numbers

The service capabilities of platforms tend to be Exit Mobile Phone Numbers homogenized. And it is necessary to compete for who has a deeper internal foundation: that is. To create a differentiated competitive core. The core of differentiated competition for the real estate and financial industries is the construction of the trust system of the enterprise (platform). From Exit Mobile Phone Numbers satisfying the functional demands of the user base – establishing a trust relationship between users and the platform – finally allowing users to trust the platform (product) generate belief and dependence. Like companies like apple and airbnb. And ultimately realize the premium value of the brand. Which is also maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory – satisfying users from basic physiological needs to the realization of self-worth. Trust-based: building a rental service that users trust Figure 1demand hierarchy and product value hierarchy mapping In addition.

Build Psychological Expectations Exit Mobile Phone Numbers

Exit Mobile Phone Numbers

We found in the 2019 shell rental satisfaction Exit Mobile Phone Numbers report that users pay more attention to real housing listings and the credibility of the platform when choosing rental information channels. Therefore. We hope to create a simple. Safe and reliable online rental environment. Help more Exit Mobile Phone Numbers users solve the rental problem. Establish a trust link between tenants. Landlords and the platform. So as to build a trust value system for the entire platform. When users first came into contact with the product. Although they had a clear purpose and appeal (to find a reliable partner to spend their life with). But because of insufficient knowledge. They could not understand what kind of problems the product could help them solve and what kind of value it brought. At this time.

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