We will not forget the nasa worm logo, nor its creator if youre a millennial, when you hear the word nasa, chances are the first image that comes to mind is the logo known as meatball, that round blue meatballshaped logo you might even wear a hoodie with that logo while you read this. It is the logo that the national aeronautics and space administration has used during its greatest achievements, including the apollo launch to the moon, and is still used today.

Designed by james modarelli in 1959, a year after nasa was established, it was made up of a blue circle filled with stars, a red stroke representing an airplane wing, a spacecraft orbiting the wing, and those four white capital letters . Bruce nelson blackburn and the nasa worm logo 1 nasa meatball insignia, primary logo 1959–1975, 1992–present.


The Meatball Logo is Said to Have Been Brought.

However, members of generation x who grew philippines photo editor up in the 70s might find those four letters reminiscent of another iconic logo worm, which was introduced in 1975 as part of the federal improvement program under this scheme, the graphics of more than 45 federal agencies were reviewed and redesigned. New york design studio danne blackburn was tasked with not only modernizing. Nasas logo, but creating an entirely new brand identity.

Following the news that awardwinning artist and designer bruce nelson. Blackburn of danne blackburn passed away earlier this month at age 82, today we take a look at his. Achievements in design and the birth of nasas timeless logo. Bruce nelson blackburn and the nasa worm logo 3 nasas worm. Logo between 1975–1992, applied as a secondary logo in 2020.

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The Agency is Still Evaluating Exactly How and Where.

Bruce nelson blackburn was born in BMB Directory dallas, texas, on june 2, 1938, and later grew up in evansville, indiana. He earned a bachelors degree in design from the university of cincinnati school of design, architecture, art and planning. He served as national president of the american institute of graphic arts aiga and was. A member of the international design organization alliance graphique internationale agi. He authored the design standards manuals, which set out to explain. The importance of design manuals to federal designers and how they can be used.

In addition to creating the worm logo, he also designed the official us bicentennial. Symbol and branding and communications programs for ikon office solutions, champion, ibm, equistar. Chemicals, us department of transportation, corps of army engineers and prudential. Bruce nelson blackburn and the nasa worm logo 5 national aeronautics and space administration graphics standards manual.

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