Artificial intelligence, connected objects, the 3D printer, the cloud, data, virtual reality (VR), robotics, all these innovations are disrupting society, Uzbekistan Email List relations and traditional industries through new models. economic. This succession of innovation is linked at a frantic pace and the incredible acceleration of time overwhelming our entire ecosystem are the major characteristics of the digital revolution affecting all parts of our society today.

In reality, this so-called revolution generates above all new paradigms. Disintermediation, horizontality of relations, transparency, peer-to-peer exchange, new technologies have for several years been seen as the levers of new societal and relational structures. At the same time, we are witnessing an increasingly undermined notion of trust. Hypercapitalism, obscure financial systems, political institutions are growing a feeling of distrust towards them.

“The Blockchain Makes It Possible To Make Value Transactions From Peer To Peer”

The web in its early days promised us a wind of freedom and transparency, however the fact that institutions remain stuck in the past leaves a boulevard for GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) and other Natu (Netflix, AirBnB, Tesla , Uber). The fracture was created and continues to grow. Faced with this rupture, a technology has emerged for a few years.

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This technology, the blockchain, seems to be the bearer of a new organizational model and many hopes that meet the expectation of transparency and trust. The subject has aroused a frenzy and refreshing enthusiasm for several years, this craze intensified in 2016. Google Trends gets carried away when asked about the subject.

What Exactly Is Blockchain?

Above all, the blockchain or “block chain” is a promise , the promise of being able to trust each other , without meeting and without knowing each other. This trust will be ensured by blockchain technology and no longer by a third party.

If we had to schematize the blockchain, we could describe it as a large accounting register, indestructible, accessible to all where each of the entries is anonymous and absolutely indelible.


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