Our blockchain agency had the pleasure of welcoming professionals from the blockchain Singapore Email List to its premises. Thanks to Lucas Comparini from IBM Blockchain, Vidal Chriqui from BTU Protocol, and Fabien Ducoudray from Daneel. As well as Emmanuel Gadenne from SNCF and Arnaud Cheyssial from IPOCAMP.

During this meeting, they had the opportunity to present their companies to us, but also the way in which the blockchain intervened in their work process. For some of them, it is an integral part of their service. Exchanging with them around this theme was very enriching and formative, both professionally and personally. Their quality interventions and the pedagogy they demonstrated delighted the public.

Our blockchain agency is delighted to receive experts in the field of blockchain and other sectors. We’ll meet soon for a new exchange. Couldn’t attend our blockchain event? You will be able to listen to it in full very soon on our 50A Galaxy podcast page .

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The documents were retrieved from her email accounts and hard drives, and although she turned some documents over to Parliament in April 2018, she said there were thousands upon thousands of additional pages that showed a ” breadth and depth of the work “that went” far beyond what people think they know about the Cambridge Analytica scandal . ”

Singapore Email List

Steele made a rare public intervention to comment on the leaks. He said that while he didn’t know what they contained, the context couldn’t be more important because “on our current trajectory these issues are likely to get worse, not better, and with The approach of the crucial 2020 elections in the United States and elsewhere is a very frightening prospect. Something drastic needs to be done about it, and fast. ”

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He said Western authorities had failed to punish those who practiced social media manipulation and the like, and that “the result will be that while Cambridge Analytica may have been exposed and ultimately shut down, other even more sophisticated players will have been emboldened to interfere in our elections and sow social divisions. ”

Mr Kaiser said the Facebook data scandal was part of a much larger global operation that worked with governments, intelligence agencies, corporations and political campaigns to manipulate and influence people, and which had huge repercussions on national security.

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