Since this year. in just half a year. xiaohongshu has received 300 million us dollars of investment from alibaba and tencent. On the Panama Phone Number occasion of its 5th anniversary. it announced that the number of users exceeded 100 million. Xiaohongshu has become a popular brand. Hot app. But recently. a big internet company has developed an app called “bei ying”. Can it shake the status of xiaohongshu? Let’s have a look! In november last year. xiaohongshu complete a Panama Phone Number new round of financing with a financing amount of us$500 million and a post-investment valuation of more than us$20 billion. led by temasek. tencent and ali. Among similar community platforms. xiaohongshu has the highest valuation – 4 times the market value of weibo.

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This made more people realize the commercial Panama Phone Number value of this somewhat buddhist internet company. and followers flocked to it. According to incomplete statistics from tech planet. from 2018 to the present. internet giants have tried to create another little red book at least 15 times. The latest news comes from netease. which has developed an app called “bei ying”. The product’s self-introduction is: an emotional video interactive community for young people. The pace of learning and imitation of internet giants has never stopped. Under the Panama Phone Number encirclement and suppression. can the status of xiaohongshu be shaken?netease. which has not had news for a long time. has recently made new moves. Tech planet has exclusively learned that netease has recently launched a community product called “pie ying”.

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According to the official introduction. “pie ying” is an emotional video interactive community for young people. But after the Panama Phone Number tech planet experience. i found that “peiying” is a community product that focuses on life sharing. more like a video version of “little red book”. However, The entire app has a relatively high maturity. and the bottom navigation bar includes the Panama Phone Number main functions of “pie ying”. from left to right are “home”. “discovery”. “voice”. “messages” and “personal center”. On the home page. the user’s “voice” (mainly referring to the emotions released by the user from real life) will be displayed in the form of a sliding card. If you are interested in the user’s voice. You can further click on the card. Through the video content displayed by the other party will be responde to in text.

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