This is damaging not only to their own reputation, but also Czech Republic Phone Number to that of their company or politics in general. That is why Pieter Omtzigt recently called on communication specialists to reflect on themselves and their profession. But he’s not alone. The Czech Republic Phone Number call for ethical communication is getting louder and louder within the field of Communication. Do you want to know how as a communication professional you can let your moral compass speak sufficiently?

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Read the interview with Nico de Leeuw and our three Czech Republic Phone Number practical tips! According to the author of the white paper ‘Time for Ethical Communication Management’, Nico de Leeuw, it is high time for ethical communication. He, together with Czech Republic Phone Number Jan Merton, has been working on this subject for more than ten years. He developed an education. Wrote books and gives lectures and guest lectures on the subject. He was recently a guest on the YouTube program De Nieuwe Wereld TV. Why is it important to communicate ethically? De Leeuw: “The main reason is that as communication professionals we create realities.

Two Main

Czech Republic Phone Number

We bear a social responsibility. What may seem Czech Republic Phone Number like a minor nonsense can now turn into a major crisis. “When you communicate, it is no longer sufficient to take the ‘target group’ or ‘stakeholder’ into account. The audience that Czech Republic Phone Number thinks about you is everywhere, even where you least expect it. We therefore no longer speak of target groups, but of interested parties. Someone who comes to a museum restaurant for a cup of coffee and hears a manager unjustly lash out at an employee, can write a blog about it, which then haunts the museum for years.

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