Google announced in a statement on its blog that an update to its algorithm had recently been deployed. This will favorably affect the original content. By “original”, we must understand authentic content that has never been relayed on the web. If Google’s algorithm already took into account the of content to rank web pages on the SERP, now it will take into account the original character of a content. Your Google SEO agency tells you more. An update to promote unique content It is not a new phenomenon, when a medium publishes an exclusivity on the Internet, it then spreads like wildfire; all other competing media taking up the said information. While the first medium may have been at the top of Google searches for a moment, it is quickly joined by other media which may double it in search results.

This is what Google wants to avoid with its new algorithmic update. The new algorithm will, in fact, be able to detect the original content of others, and will then promote it in the ranking of search results. For the algorithm to learn to spot authentic content, human intervention will be necessary. The algorithm will thus be trained by 10,000 reviewers around world who will not only need to spot topical content that provides unpublished information, but also examine the content ecosystem by assessing the site’s overall reputation. Google News original content update google What are the consequences of this update? For Internet users, this guarantees them quick access to authentic news. They will no longer have to google the source information to verify the veracity of a news. For publishers, this rewards their work, which in turn should bring them more web traffic.

What are the consequences of this update?

SEO ranking algorithm review Graph of the three options offered by to have this opinion of the referrers. The first point of this study was around organic SEO, in a very global way. SEOs were asked to rate the 26 SEO factors according to their impact on SEO; 0 means that the criterion has little impact, while 10 means that it is a factor that weighs heavily in the Indonesia Phone Number balance. SEO elements Results of the 26 SEO elements with the most impact according to the SEO specialists surveyed. The results that emanate from this comparison are more in line with what the 1584 SEOs think. The biggest differences are to be noted in the use of keywords in the URL, which goes from 5.22 to 4.16, and the age of the site, which goes from 5 to 4.03. Otherwise, the results remain in the same waters.

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Because, indeed, for Google, it is not enough to publish an exclusive news first. it is also necessary that the content is of quality. In its press release, Google talks about reporting and in-depth investigative work. It goes without saying, then, that this is not just about a hot news post. While waiting to see the repercussions of this new update, if you wish to be supported in your Web editorial strategy, do not hesitate to contact our SEO consultants. But, before getting into the heart of the study, he assessed the SEOs against their position on the criteria that Google’s algorithm takes to weight organic results. Two thirds of those questioned answered that the algorithm varies enormously in its way of weighting SEO, depending on the queries.  The light of these potential discrepancies.

An update to promote unique content

According to the 1,584 SEOs, competition from Google on publishers. Their launched verticals (such as their services avoiding browsing other sites. Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, then the Zero-Click. Trend will be the three trends having a significant impact on the SEO of tomorrow. Future referencing Trends that will be the most significant in SEO in the next three years according to SEOs. First, this is the first time in 14 years of study that content is more important to SEOs. Than links or keywords. Keywords predominated first, then links took over. But now, the relevance and quality of the content seems to have more impact on organic results according to SEO specialists.

Finally, the founder of directed the survey towards a “referencing of the future”; he simply sought to get the opinions of SEO professionals. The impact that certain trends will have in the next three years. Next, Rand expressed his astonishment at two results: the “site age” and “number of content” positions. He finds there is confusion around these factors. Elements because Google does not use them for its organic SEO. Then, the creator of laments having forgotten a point that seems quite important to him: the geographic trend. He would have liked to ask the SEO specialists responding to this study, where they practiced their activity. According to him, there is a correlation between geographic and / or idiomatic location, and SERP results. He says he intends to demonstrate this in the future.

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