Do I have to know about analytics before I start with Google Tag Manager? Although it is not exclusive not to know about analytics, it will give you an important plus to understand it and thus you will be able to get more out of your course and learning. My recommendation is that you can learn Google Analytics first and then complement it with Google Tag Manager. What interactions can I measure with Google Tag Manager? And for what? You can measure everything! From a click on a banner on the home page, through form submissions, to the marking of transactions on your website. With these measurements you will be able to recognize the points to work on and improve, so that after implementing them, make the comparison and show whether the adjustment generated positive changes or not.

How has tag manager influenced companies? I believe that tag manager has influenced companies to understand that nothing is on the air and that all actions can have better results if we have a way to measure them. Analytics is essential in many things and especially in digital. Tag with Google Tag Manager How do you see the Brazil Phone Number future of digital analytics? I think that more and more people are taking the weight of what digital analytics is and that for many it was an unknown and difficult world, but that with this type of platform it is getting closer to everyone. It is of the utmost importance to keep up with the metrics as in this fast-paced world they are always changing… or else, ask Google and Facebook.

That Came With Google Analytics

We remind everyone who reads this post that at Adity we have a web analytics program , where you can learn about Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and Data Studio .We interview Francisca Guajardo, professor of the Google Tag Manager course, and she confesses that with Google Tag Manager: You can measure everything. Am Fran Guajardo, Commercial Engineer and Specialist in Digital Marketing. Started 5 years ago doing my internship in an agency and I fell in love with this world since it was the perfect complement between the creative and the analytical. I have experience managing clients and teams, creating and optimizing campaigns, generating strategies, marking, among others. Today I am dedicated to advising companies, creating and shaping their strategies.

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in addition to passing on my knowledge at Academia Adity and IP Los Leones. What is Google Tag Manager and why should I learn to use it? Tag manager is the platform that will solve your life to be able. To do a more detailed tagging without having to depend on an IT team. It is a Google platform that integrates with Analytics and allows you to measure events. That you can then analyze and that will allow you to make decisions with real metrics. How to configure Google Tag Manager How does Google Tag Manager work. And what is its importance today? Google Tag Manager works by entering a unique code. To the website and then doing all the marking within this platform.

Smarter System for Decision Making

In addition to this, the platform has a preview which allows you to be able to do all the corresponding. Tests before publishing what you have worked on. It is of vital importance since you will be able to mark different key points of your business and in this way be able to analyze. The results and make adjustments for a better user experience and/or better commercial results. Where can I use Google Tag Manager? Tag manager can be used both on websites and in applications, the important thing is to be clear about what you want to mark and why, in addition to being organized and planned. READ MORE 8 Free Sites Every Content Creator Should Know About Google Tag Manager Interface Do I have to know about analytics before I start with Google Tag Manager?

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