Instagram represents a digital territory of more than a billion active users worldwide. Today, it is the social network that has attracted the most Spain Email Lists in a very short time. How to use this platform to trigger new opportunities? In this article, we will explain why and above all, detail the tips to please Instagram’s algorithm as much as your subscribers.

This type of icebreaker is meant to get more people involved while having fun. Succeeding in channeling a large group around a game can be complicated, but nothing is impossible, and it all depends on what goal you have. Despite this, you can form teams in order to facilitate exchanges, and put people more at ease.
The 50A digital agency offers a specific format called Barcamp . These are participatory workshops open to all. They bring together around a hundred people for each new edition. We tackle together subjects such as digital evolution, the influence of e-reputation, the best trends in community management, the challenges of open data, and much more.

Instagram In Numbers

72% of teens connected to the internet have an Instagram account. 59% of the billion users are between 18 and 29 years old. The engagement on Instagram is very strong, it is 60% higher than on Facebook. Note that publications with hashtags * engage up to 12% more than a publication without and that videos generate twice as many comments than other types of content. 50% of captions and comments in posts contain emojis .

Spain Email Lists

Please at all costs
To please Instagram’s algorithm, we must at all costs use all the tools at our disposal. Their good use will show all the investment and the seriousness that we bring to Instagram. We can tell you right now that the preferred format on Instagram is video. Video in stories, in publications, on igTV. This is the preferred format on the platform.

Bet On Your Users

UGC (“user generated content”) is all the content produced by your users. It is a gold mine and we must capitalize on it. Two solutions to use the content of your subscribers:

Repost content already present on the platform. To do this, identify your ambassadors and closely follow their content. They will definitely post content that will interest you. Remember to ask for permission first. It is observed that, on average, engagement increases by 6.9%. Give the floor to your ambassadors, for a day, a month. They will talk about their activity and give a new point of view. Support your ambassadors by providing them with guidelines * to respect and trust them.

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