Email Marketing: 12 Powerful Tips to Optimize Your Latvia Phone Number Subject Line Just look at this example from Frankwatching. They make it clear in a Latvia Phone Number simple and subtle way that Sanne Bekkema appeals to the recipients. Email inbox with mail from Sanne from Frankwatching 2. Use Emojis Wisely You’ve probably seen it before, an inbox full of happy Latvia Phone Number pictures. The so -called emojis . Subject lines are there to let people know at a glance what the email is about. This is the moment when you need to stand out to grab the attention of the recipient.

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Emojis ensure that the content of e-mail is Latvia Phone Number visually displayed, if you use them correctly . There is an emoji sweet spot . Don’t add emojis to the subject line just to draw attention. The chance that users will see your email as less valuable and that they will have negative associations is all the greater. Adding an emoji to the subject line increases the negative Latvia Phone Number sentiment of that email by 26% , according to research by NN Group . Rather, maintain the corporate image and only use emojis where they really add value by providing context or relevant emotional value. In the Tommy Hilfiger example below, the emoji indicates that the email is time-bound.

A Simple Identity

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Only a few more hours…” indicates that the time Latvia Phone Number is ticking. In this case, the hourglass emoji comes in handy as it reinforces the message. This is a sign of scarcity, one of Cialdini’s principles of influence, but more on that later. Email inbox with email from Latvia Phone Number Tommy Hilfiger Tip! Use A/B testing. Every change in digital marketing needs to be tested. This way you will find out step by step what works and what does not work. You can easily run A/B tests for changing subject lines. The aim is to discover which variant produces the desired result. So test it out in the coming months!

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