Why do so many major manufacturers have Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number launched the speed version of the app? From the perspective of target users. The target users of the express edition app are different from the Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number main app. The former is aimed at the sinking market. And the purpose of its launch is to cope with the current situation of increasingly tense traffic and customer acquisition. In this article. The author interprets the phenomenon of the flood of speed version app. Let’s take a look. Cut a knife. Friends help. Invite rewards. Etc. Promote users to share and pull new ones. Isn’t this the feature of pinduoduo app? You are right. Major companies have launched extremely fast apps. Largely due to the success of pinduoduo. These tricks have helped pinduoduo to acquire a large number of users in lower-tier markets such as third-. Fourth-.

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The launch of the speed version of the app Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number was born for the sinking users in the sinking market. And it is a breakthrough for the company to find increments and relieve anxiety. The main value is reflected in online and offline customer acquisition and retention. 1) extremely fast version of the app. Which is convenient for online customer acquisition Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number When users apply relevant search keywords. It increases the exposure in the application market. Seizes more positions. And can bring more downloads. Some companies have made dozens or even dozens of dating software. Packaged them into vest bags with different names and logos. And then used aso (application market search optimization) to acquire customers in the application market. At the same time. When advertising is launched. The fast version is pushed.

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It is more attractive for online users to Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number download and use. A large number of reward tasks have also made a good bearing for the retention of new users. 2) the greater value of the speed Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number version app lies in offline promotion For many internet companies. Users basically come from online. However. With the development of the internet up to now. There are two problems in online customer acquisition: On the one hand. Online customer acquisition costs are high. Friends who do advertising know that it is normal for a valid registration and download cost of 100-200 yuan. And there are 400-500 yuan. Different industries will be different. On the other hand. Online coverage cannot cover the vast number of sinking users. Online promotion covers young and senior internet users. But it is difficult to cover the wider third-.

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