In the context of the digitization of information, it is now obvious that the Internet is a strategic communication channel that must be considered by companies. This is all the more true as more and more companies Myanmar Email List products directly through their website or an e-commerce platform . Internet visibility then quickly grows in importance and conditions their survival. Are you looking for the solution to quickly become visible and credible on the Internet? Let’s take a step back in time to show you the evolution of important points.

– The interactivity of social media platforms must be considered in developed countries and is a necessity in emerging countries. We can also ask ourselves questions about the best way for brands to appear among the favorite brands of French Internet users: originality and quality of content? Interactivity? Discounts? It’s a good start !

Search Engines And Seo In The 1990s

It is the advent of the Internet. Companies create sites and the first search engines allow users to find the information they are looking for. These search engines were then based mainly on keyword density. In other words, whatever the relevance of your website, from the moment your keyword density was important, search engines ranked you among the first results. Some webmasters have then used and abused this trick to ensure the promotion of certain blogs and sites to the detriment of their real quality.

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Finally, also from an SEO point of view , it is essential to be able to understand, at least on the surface, the way in which search engines work in order to be able to define an effective and adequate SEO strategy … Especially in a strong inbound marketing approach. focused on producing content as we deliver to our clients at Markentive!

Multiply Your Turnover Thanks To Inbound Marketing

Search engines like Google have gradually perfected their algorithms to improve the quality of the results presented. Now, backlinks to a site improve its referencing. Once again, webmasters have stepped into the breach and have “over-optimized” the backlinks by massively resorting to directories and other techniques that have even been called “link farms”. During this period, paid referencing such as Adwords also changes the rules and upsets competitive sectors. Search engines are therefore moving towards other indicators to ensure the relevance of the results.

Google Panda and Google Pinguin. Behind these animal names hides the search engine’s counterattack against these “cheating webmasters”. Now, “copy-paste” content (we speak of duplicate) is no longer only excluded from referencing, it is punished by Google Pinguin. Google Panda, for its part, attaches great importance to the quality of content written by humans, for humans. The tone is set: to improve your ranking in Google, you need to offer interesting content!

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