Today we are interested in Ipsos OTX (for Open Thinking Exchange) , resulting from the takeover of the American OTX by Ipsos, which offers Maldives Email Lists market research services around the use of social media and mobile internet. To ensure the promotion of these services, several data have been published. These data were taken from a study carried out in 24 countries with 18,000 Internet users. What to remember from these?

We learned, among other things, that 45% of Internet users regularly consult brand pages and their content on social networks. If only 18% of French people say they regularly consult these pages, some emerging countries have very high rates (between 70 and 81% for India, Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil, and others).

Thus From The Elements Published By Ipsos Otx

The French, on the other hand, are among the Internet users most likely to follow a particular brand, with 45% of positive responses. By putting this in parallel with the regular consultation of the content of brand pages present on social networks , we can assume that the French are still mainly interested in their favorite brands or those to which they are loyal, the other hypothesis being that they attach themselves to a reduced number of signs. Internationally, once again, emerging countries are proving to be very inclined to follow a high number of brands on social media.

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A brand content quality on social networks grows 34% of users of social networks to be more connected with the brands and all the more if the content is “fun and interesting.” Brand content therefore appears to be an adequate tool to develop the level of engagement of consumers (more particularly those under 35 and women).

We Can Also Ask Ourselves Questions About The Best Way For Brands

The coupons online discount, and other promotional activities remain highly effective in developing the engagement of users and users of social networks vis-à-vis a brand, idea approved by 50% of global internet users. Online couponing particularly affects women, and Internet users from countries where couponing has historically been present (USA, Canada, UK and France). Conversely, this approach is much less successful in emerging countries.

Finally, Ipsos OTX studies also point to the importance of “user generated content” which concerns 35% of global Internet users. This web 2.0 trend particularly affects those under 35 and Internet users in certain emerging countries: 66% of Indian Internet users and 61% of Chinese Internet users have already generated content on social networks. The door open to crowdsourcing?

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