Allows you to measure the evaluation and monitoring of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In addition, manage your content to increase its efficiency. Metricool: Monitoring and management tool. You can manage this platform from your Facebook Ads account. In addition, you will be able to create content lists that will be published automatically following a publication calendar. AgoraPulse: Provides detailed statistics of social media accounts and shows you the level of engagement. It also allows you to create a schedule to program content and displays traffic information on web pages. Allows you to schedule photos and videos on Instagram directly from a computer.

You can manage three accounts of this social network that facilitates interaction with your followers. Other alternative tools: Dropbox: It is used to save files in the cloud, and you can access them from your mobile device. Plus, these will be saved automatically, so you don’t have to worry about them getting lost. Reminders: Allows you to be Guatemala Phone Number updated with the functions that you must fulfill, it is like a calendar of activities for the day , which will help improve your productivity at work. Instagram: It is not only a social network, but it allows you to take photos and edit them with its multiple filters that will make your images look professional and fun. WordPress: It is a valuable tool for creating blogs and websites for brands, which are one of the most direct ways to reach your customers.

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Therefore, a CM must be updating and creating content of this type to increase traffic. Feedly: Allows you to on the latest trends, news and news in the field of the brand you manage. This tool shows you all the existing information based on a theme. Topsy: Twitter analytical tool that monitors all the tweets on the topic of interest. You can use it to see how a trend was created or how user behavior changed. Excel Pivot Tables – This tool will help a CM interpret the results of the social media accounts they manage. With them, you can display lists with unique values, develop a tabulated report, create dynamic charts, consolidate and filter data. It may interest you:

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What are the responsibilities of a Community Manager? Infographic: Community Manager Response Guide Community Manager: how to cultivate a good relationship with followers How much does a Community Manager earn? The Community Manager has become one of the jobs with the highest demand in digital marketing, which is why their service has been adding importance. But many professionals are wondering, how much should a Community Manager earn? or how much you should charge, either within an agency or as a freelancer. Next, we explain how the payment method of this professional works in Social Media: Community Manager of a brand or agency.

When Does He Become a Professional?

The first point is that you must determine the functions that you are going to perform within a company. For example, if you are only going to manage and answer a number of inboxes during the day. The base salary should as a starting point. If the responsibilities increase, the company that is hiring us will add the salary according to the client’s requirement. Freelance Community Manager If the Community Manager works as an independent, the cost of his service will be different. For example, if a content is going to 100% by you.  It will have an initial cost of $20.00. The price will vary, according to the number of publications considering the following factors:

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