The advertising service takes a new approach and creates ” Promoted Tweets ” (promoted tweets) which consists of the sponsorship of a company that wishes to appear as the first search result within the social network. Thus, little by little, it entered advertising with its Twitter Ads service , and it can even measure the metrics and behavior of your followers with Twitter Analytics. For the beginning of 2015, Twitter is renewed with its new Periscope application , which helps broadcast events in real time, something similar to Facebook Live. Microblogging already had 200 million live broadcasts a year after the service was launched. Little by little, Twitter was renewed and closer to users and companies, and today it has become a favorite social network for thousands of public figures.

politicians, athletes, journalists, professionals, and users who use it to find out about trends in the world, among other functions. Twitter Expansion The evolution of Twitter since 2006 has been growing, and reached more than 100 countries in the world . Its creators have been innovating since the date of its launch, and it has Luxembourg Phone Number had a great impact around the planet for its well-known 140-character tweet feature. Currently, Twitter has 328 million monthly active users, and 82% of its users connect from their mobile devices, that is, they use the Twitter application . In addition, the platform has been translated into more than 40 languages , which makes it accessible to thousands of people to enter and create an account to be connected with the world.

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Give everyone the power to generate and share ideas and information instantly and without obstacles ”, is how Twitter defines its mission, and for this reason, its growth outside the United States has been surprising. Geographically, Twitter is in more than 100 countries , and it still remains one of the most well-known social networks in the world. In 2006, Twitter was only in the States, but not everyone was fully aware of this microblogging service. The rest of the world was unaware of its existence. By 2007, microblogging was beginning to gain popularity for its 140 characters , and for ease of use that allowed writing almost in the style of an SMS. Therefore, that year Twitter goes out to conquer new markets, thus reaching Canada.

South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, part of Europe, Australia and Japan. What has happened in the last 15 years In subsequent years. Twitter is being in more countries around the world.  And in 2008, it is already a global social network. As political figures, athletes, American singers such as Barack Obama.  Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, among others. They began to create an official account to be in communication with their fans around the world. For 2009, 2010 and 2011, Twitter is increasing the number of users and reaching.  New countries such as New Zealand, United Kingdom. Portugal, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Germany, and some countries in Asia. By 2015, Twitter had already conquered all of Latin America.

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The United States, Oceania, some countries in Africa, and a few countries in Asia. That have this microblogging to prevent the creation of events or demonstrations that. Endanger the integrity of the Government. Today, Twitter is one of the best. And most used social networks in the world. And the number of users around the world is increasing.  As trends have attracted thousands of people.  Who want to be in touch with the latest events. That occur in the world. the world. Twitter Features Twitter has gained popularity in the world for its 140-character tweets.  And for the trends that exist throughout the world. Currently, it has 328 million users. And it even has a service for companies that want to advertise on this microblogging.

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