I didn’t identify her at the start. I Lebanon WhatsApp Number List with a different idea which was not the right one. I was leaving Amazon, I was looking for what I was going to do. I had an idea for a startup in 2017: to provide benchmarks to e-commerce players . I talk about it with people around me, they tell me if you want to develop this service, we buy. I’m starting with two international clients to do robotic benchmarks. I then met François Misslin, now Ayolab’s CTO, he was coming back from San Francisco and was available to develop a prototype. As we already had clients, the bank agreed to follow us. We are leading a first pilot on the market in February 2018

and I quickly realize that there is no market. Of course, I have two clients, but there are no others interested. I’m in a situation where I got into debt, I don’t have a job anymore and I don’t have a market, so it’s not terrible. A person close to me whom I have known for more than 20 years, financial director of a large cosmetics group, told me: “We have a problem, these are unauthorized sales on the web, that is to say understand distribution channels. »We realize with François that we can recycle the technology put in place for the first pilot to make a tool for tracking who sells what on the web . We understand that there is much more interest and we sign a first contract with Coty (cosmetics), then with other actors.

The Consequences Of Development

We notice an attraction and that’s how the box started. The first version of what we’re doing has been around since mid-2018. If I come back to the original question and if I had to exaggerate, I would say that I did not have the idea, I did not have the technology (it was François who developed it). I want to challenge the idea of ​​the business creator who comes up with a vision , who knows what he wants to do and how to do it. This is not our story. How does the service work? We do scraping. Over time, we are on a make and buy approach: “Make”: we collect data ourselves with robots “Buy”: there is more and more unstructured data


that we buy In some cases it makes sense to develop our scraping robot but not all the time. We are agnostic about the data source. Even if we buy data, we enrich it in order to be able to use it. Christophe Le Houédec and Christophe Misslin from Ayolab What are the use cases? To give an example: spare parts in the automobile in Russia . From data, the technical team has developed an algorithmic approach to find all technically compatible parts. We were able to demonstrate to our client that the market was turned upside down by an ocean of technically compatible parts. So competition does not only exist with parts from a certain manufacturer’s brand, but with a much larger set of substitutable parts.

What Personal Contribution And Sharing

This shows a completely different view of the market segment. This data is important for an automobile manufacturer so that it can know in which competitive environment it is located. For other large groups such as in the cosmetics sector, the use case is different. They sign trade deals with e-commerce giants like Amazon. In these commercial agreements, there are commercial (confidential) counterparts. We will ensure that these counterparts are respected with technology . For example, we will verify the correct allocation of advertising investments. Indeed, the brand will invest advertising in certain Amazon pages, we will verify that

these advertising expenses are in the right place. In general, companies ask themselves: How to manage the distribution channels? Who do I negotiate trade agreements with? Who, where and how do I authorize my products to be sold? From an initial idea, we developed different use cases. We adapt to the needs of brands. We have a general toolbox and we use some according to the client, the sector. Where is the company today in today’s complicated context? Brands need to go online more and more, as the Covid crisis demonstrates, with problems of commercial agreements with retailers like Amazon. This phenomenon is promising for us because we can use our technology to help brands deal with these issues.

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