This should create a fairer system and encourage more sustainable Benin Phone Number production. This (somewhat outdate) video clearly explains the idea behind true price . True pricing Image source: Man is replace To come back to those flash delivery guys. I Benin Phone Number am curious how you can calculate and compare the actual costs for shopping yourself, having them delivere (via AH or Picnic for example) or flash delivery. A well-known argument for speed cameras is that it is done by bicycle.

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And what about the employees? “Don’t worry about Benin Phone Number traffic or working conditions, because the entire system will be automate within less than 10 years,” Erik Huybrechts writes in response to LinkedIn’s poll. He expects that in 10 years your packages Benin Phone Number will be delivered by a drone or an autonomous vehicle. That reminds me of an extended piece by The Guardian about pandemic winner Amazon , which would see employees merely as ‘placeholders’ of the new generation of robots (see also my November 2020 Weekly on night work and delivery drivers .

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We should be able to do this better, right? But as long Benin Phone Number as it is people who do the work, not robots, they deserve better working conditions and a good wage. So whether or not there is a future in Gorillas and colleagues, or any other innovative start-up for that matter… I have a bitter taste and wonder: we should be able to do better, right? Black Friday and flash Benin Phone Number delivery. Two things that you may not directly connect, but which in my view Benin Phone Number show abuses of something bigger. Consuming and convenience, at the expense of what… and who? It is a complex subject that is difficult to grasp.

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