Rest assured, Iceland Email List has switched to daylight saving time and has avoided the liver attack. Today we propose to take a quick look at the jokes of April 1st and their place in the company.

Some time ago, Carambar made the buzz by announcing stop jokes on packaging and replace them with educational content. It was a joke ! While journalists have been fooled, the confectionery brand has managed to get people talking about it … Are you tempted to look for a tip to create your own buzz on the occasion of April 1st? Be careful, because there is also the bad buzz!

The Sncf Had Also Surfed The Concept Of Jokes By Customizing Its Station Announcements

We also heard about a few years ago companies which had circulated new bizarre internal regulations to lighten the atmosphere and which had been very badly received by the staff in a difficult economic context. Unfortunately, for many people, work is the opposite of jokes, and there is no way to be serious. I tend to think that the propensity to welcome jokes is a good barometer of the health of an organization. For example, given the difficult economic situation in France, François Hollande’s humor can be annoying.

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People are good audiences when the organization behind the joke is faultless in its operations. The best student in a class will be able to come up with a joke without retaliation, when a disruptive and poorly performing element would be prompted to focus on their schoolwork. The SNCF had also surfed the concept of jokes by customizing its station announcements with the voice of Homer Simpson: if it can be fun, imagine your train delayed by 3 hours while you hear Homer Simpson on repeat … “they better do their job instead of * $$ £! # @ !!!

And Finally Can Be A Little Visionary

In our opinion, the successful joke is not an escape route to bring back a smile to a battered system but rather a touch of personality to complement professional and successful action. In other words, if you want to joke, do it with class and be blameless the rest of the time!

If there were to be only one specialist in the April 1st farce, it would be Google which has put the cover back this year with a new imaginary application: “Google Nose” There is a professional video where the imaginary product is presented 🙂 Go take a look, it’s fun … And finally can be a little visionary … In 1972, a duck announced the end of tobacco in the places public …

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