More Stories from the Inside Out 1. Stories become total Estonia Phone Number experiences Many brands. Organizations cite storytelling as an important means of communication. At the same time, they do not always know how to master narrative thinking in every Estonia Phone Number fiber. Stories often stick to the surface. They often have a predictable character of a one-dimensional ‘picture with a story’. That approach is no longer enough to hold the attention of the demanding swiping audience in the on-demand society. Anyone who wants attention stimulates as many senses and emotions as possible. The story no longer becomes something that ‘is added’.

Master Data

With stories you can show people what you stand for and Estonia Phone Number  what your dilemmas are. But also that they can trust you and that personal data is in good hands. Coffee company De Koffiejongens takes a stand against the pay gap between men and women. In a striking advertisement, they announced that consumers can now pay a 14 percent Estonia Phone Number men’s allowance , because men receive a 14 percent more salary. In doing so, this company makes itself part of this current story. And yes, women also work at De Koffiejongens. 5. Stories help bridge the trust Estonia Phone Number  gap Storytelling also occupies a strategic position in the communication policy of organisations, which goes much further than content marketing.

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Storytelling trends story Gastrointestinal Estonia Phone Number  Foundation 4. Stories bring people together with the same values In times of growing inequality and climate change, we see another important trend. Storytelling that shows what Estonia Phone Number  organizations, companies or brands achieve in the social field. As an organization you have to demonstrate that you are not only concerned with your own objectives. You also have to show that you are fully aware of the influence on people and the environment. As a result, you attract people who share the same values ​​as you.

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