Therefore, in this study, we also introduc eye tracking technology to. Reveal the core focus of users on information and browsing trajectories during . The purchase process under different categories through eye tracking UK Phone Number technology, which can be us as user . Behavior data to support the research results. , and then propose optimization suggestions 3. What is the eye movement test So what exactly is eye tracking technology? Eye movement technology is a technology to determine where a person is looking. The eye movement data of the user is mainly collect through the eye tracker. And then the data is sort and analyz with UK Phone Number special software to obtain specific eye movement indicators and trajectories. To analyze user psychology and user behavior. Since the main purpose of this research is page optimization. Tt is necessary to discover and explain usability problems. And provide improvement suggestions for page optimization.

Therefore, in This Study UK Phone Number

So it is more suitable for formative research, observing user behavior through eye trackers, and exploring the reasons behind the behavior. . In addition, considering that users have the use of competing products. This UK Phone Number survey does not limit the use of their competing products, but whether they have experience using this product will make a big difference in the user’s operation and perception, so it is limit to half of the users who have never us the home selection. experience. Due to the limitations of current eye tracking technology. It is not possible to calibrate and track everyone’s eyes, so it so be screen according to the user’s eye condition. The eye-tracking graph output after the eye-tracking test UK Phone Number is shown in Figure 1.

So It Is More Suitable UK Phone Number

UK Phone Number
UK Phone Number

When entering. It is more difficult (in the eye movement trajectory diagram. The individual fixation is represent by a dot. And the saccade is represent by a line. In the trajectory diagram. The size of the UK Phone Number dot represents the duration of the fixation.  And the size of the dot is proportional to the duration of the fixation. And the fixation sequence is usually above the point. The numerical representation of . Through its gaze sequence.  reflects the attractiveness of elements in the environment as well as visual search trajectories).The main reason is that UK Phone Number users’ browsing habits are mainly L-shap. Without strong stimulation. It is easy to ignore the information in the upper left. and the display of the header items on the page. Some users mistakenly regard it as an advertising space due to the location and color background.

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