Also called inbound marketing, the inbound marketing is about nourishing news Malaysia Email List and specialized forums dealing with marketing and communication. In addition, agencies offering associated services flourished when the first French agencies were created in 2012. This practice has been used abroad for several years, in particular through the software publisher Hubspot. What explains this enthusiasm, especially in this difficult economic context? Is Inbound Marketing particularly suitable in times of crisis?

The economic gloom is felt by many companies, consumers and businesses who are mindful of their spending and tend to delay large investments, making advertising marketing and solicitations less successful. In this context, many individuals and professionals find out about the products and services that interest them by using the internet channel through online comparators, blogs, user forums, etc. The purchase decision is made from documented and thoughtful manner, thereby modifying consumer behavior and expectations. That evolutionrequires companies to adapt and reinvent their communication to best respond to the opportunities and constraints of this new state of mind.

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The inbound marketing meets this behavior by avoiding intrusive messages to strong promotional about products and services that users did not seek. This type of message, whatever its context (mailing, prospecting, letters, etc.) is often synonymous with a low conversion rate. Breaking away from these practices, inbound marketing adapts to the behavior of buyers. When they get information, it’s about giving them information. When looking for a provider, you have to make sure you are found. When potential consumers are looking for a comparison, you need to make the details of your offer available to them in order to be chosen!

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The goal is not to increase the impact or the frequency of outgoing advertising to reach a larger target, but to develop a power of attraction then to transform your visitors into qualified prospects, and your prospects into customers. . Informed customers then make decisions on the basis of elements allowing them to control their purchasing budget. On the business side, the inbound marketing approach helps to develop a lasting expert image. An E-mailing campaign with a limited effect in time, while a website with quality SEO that offers many resources of interest, and a blog with frequently updated contentis part of the long term and also allows to reach new customers in the short term.

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In times of crisis, Inbound Marketing adapts to current consumer practices by transforming a website into a business development tool. More economical than traditional methods, ensuring a quality image, being part of the long term and facilitating business in the short term, inbound marketing is an interesting communication strategy in view of the difficult economic context.

Other types of information can also effectively predict your behavior as a consumer (credit card history, nature of music tracks listened to online, etc.). The main difference between Facebook “Likes” and this information is that it is publicly available by default. Associated with efficient predictive models, they therefore become the data of choice in the use of “Big Data”.

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