The 7 major hosts that are OVH, Gandi, AFHADS, IDS, Ikoula, Online and Lomaco had sent a press release to all elected officials to contest the Zimbabwe Email Lists of ” black boxes ” intended to collect the connection data of Internet users to spot suspicious behavior. The hosts had specified that with such an implementation, they would be forced to cut jobs instead of creating them, thus insisting on the unethical and uneconomic nature of this law.

As part of our “Personal Data Month”, we are wondering about the future of personal data in the digital age.
This second chapter shows that no one escapes security breaches, whether it is a simple Internet user or the largest state institutions. Did you think you were protected? Illusion!

Anonymity Does Not Exist

If the web is a monster, it is only the heir of computing that creates tools that record, store and classify data. Any computerized data, whether on the web or on an internal server, is freely exploitable by its holder and potentially subject to theft. Therefore, the following institutions know more about you than you:

Zimbabwe Email Lists

Public Sector: From birth to death, the state knows who you are as a whole. The hospital knows your identity, the town hall knows your marital status, the Public Treasury knows your sources of income, the police know your criminal record, the Banque de France knows your solvency, Social Security knows your health … whatever happens, no one escapes the State, the first holder of your DNA.

Pandora’s Box

Knowing that all these institutions communicate with each other and transmit data to each other, as much to say that you will never be anonymous to whoever wants to find you. Non-public data is hidden but existing and despite the precautions taken, no computer system is infallible. Even secure data is subject to danger.

Everyone has something to hide from someone and it is who they are that matters, because if they are missing from your mind at the time of your post, keep in mind that once posted , it becomes the property of the web. Unlike humans, computers record and duplicate information endlessly, making it a pandora’s box capable of delivering everything at the least opportune moment.

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