On December Belgium Phone Number List Google announced the deployment of its update touching the heart of its algorithm called simply December 2020 Core Update.It had been since May 2020 that Google had not deployed an update directly impacting the bowels of its Search algorithm. At that time, we remember that many sites had faltered during the first days of the deployment. What about this December update?In the blog post accompanying this announcement, the Mountain View firm recalls that the core updates aim to offer the most relevant organic results possible to its users.

Google adds that this type of update can lead to increases and decreases in visibility for websites, but it is not because a site sees its visibility decrease that the latter has done something wrong or violated the Google guidelines. No site is specifically targeted by an update. The aim is to globally reassess the quality of the content offered by the sites in order to meet the user’s expectations .We are not going to repeat the usual blah to you. Obviously, we advise you to take a look at your content in order to optimize it as much as possible. In this regard, Google recalls that the EAT triptych must constitute the heart of your SEO strategy . Thus, you must have these criteria in mind when writing or optimizing each of your content.

The impact of this update

If we refer to the Sensor tool of SEM Rush, calculating the volatility of SERPs, we realize that on December 4 (the day following the initial Google announcement) experienced a very high volatility (9.3) in the French SERPs. In other words, many organic positions have moved, both positively and negatively. After a few days of calm, we see that a second wave of movements took place on December 10, 2020.By focusing on the types of sites, we see that all the categories were impacted during the big movements that occurred on December .The gap is an important metric to consider. This spread is the difference between the volatility of the SERPs on a given day (in this case, December 4) and the average monthly volatility.

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The greater this difference, the greater the instability in the category of sites. Thus, we see that the sites relating to health, law and government, finance, reference, animals and commerce have undergone the most significant upheavals following this update. Categories of sites relating to what Google considers YMYL (Your Money Your Life).Usually, when Google deploys a Core Update, the impact and volatility of the SERPs is felt over the 3 or 4 days following this update. As we speak, this December 2020 Core Update had a one-off peak on December 4, before returning to low volatility for 5 days, then a second peak occurred on December 10, 2020. Of course , this article will be edited if things happen in the next few days.

Two waves of movement according to SEM Rush

Another hypothesis that we support: Google announced this update after having already deployed it. Indeed, we see that strong volatility was observed from December 3 (see screenshot of SEM Rush above).The Sistrix tool provides another analysis of the volatility of organic results from Google France. Via its Google Update Radar tool which analyzes the major changes in the SERPs, here on mobile, we see that the effect of the Core Update was felt later on Google France with major upheavals between December 7 and 11, 2020 The most eventful day was that of December 11, with obviously a start of calm from December 12 (to be confirmed).

As of December 11, here are the TOP 15 sites, analyzed by Sistrix, which have gained the most SEO visibility following the deployment of this December Core Update.Conversely, here are the 15 sites that were most negatively affected.Do not hesitate to consult directly on the Sistrix site the evolution of the impact of this update.We imagine that many companies criticize Google for deploying this update in the middle of Black Friday and Christmas shopping. Indeed, with 2020 being extremely difficult for merchants.

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