Today, I suggest you touch with your China WhatsApp Number List what the digital revolution means operationally. We are going to install, at a cost of US $ 3.5 per month, a server in the Amazon Web Services datacenter, “Paris, Zone A (eu-west-3a)”. Thanks to Jean-Paul Figer who gave us the keys to carry out this work, to us who are neither an architect nor a developer. Data leaving your home is not natively encrypted (scrambled) on the Web. When you connect, the login and password solution is not secure because the latter circulate in the clear, and someone connected to the stream can read this data.

You should then save the private key in a safe place and never share it. However, the public key will be installed in all the servers where you have permissions. A good practice is to put your email address in the “Key comment” field of PuTTYgen. Then, here is how to connect in SSH key to a server . At the end of the process, you have a private key for me named “CleSSH” and a public key “” in your machine. To avoid having to store an type address, and to be able to take an encryption certificate for your exchanges with the server, it is practical to take a domain name. You might as well do it at AWS, where this service is called Route 53.

First, you need a private key – public key

This service, compared to others that I have used, has the advantage of allowing DNS changes to be propagated in a few minutes versus a few hours and up to 24 hours for other services. You must create an account on Amazon by entering several captchas to prevent robots from automatically creating lots of servers and embolizing AWS (count 5 ′ to open an account if you do not already have one in AWS). Log in to You can also do this on the EC2 service, but Lightsail was created to be easier than on EC2, which is more pro-oriented.


Going from salaried position to entrepreneurship is not always easy, how did you take the leap? Have you been accompanied? My father was an entrepreneur, so I had this model in the family. Also, I studied at HEC, with a major in Entrepreneurship. Through this network I know many people around me who have taken the leap, which allowed me to desacralize entrepreneurship. I wanted to gain professional experience in a business before embarking on entrepreneurship (and I didn’t have any particular idea when I left my studies!). I had a lot of different positions in 15 years, but I had seen them all: marketing is cyclical, always the same schedule from one year to the next.

Take a domain name

So I wanted to change jobs, find meaning, stop purring, my forties approaching,… classic scenario! I took the time to think about what I wanted to do and I gave it a go. Entrepreneurship at 38 is entrepreneurship rich in experience, and with a certain awareness that you can fall back on your feet no matter what. Suddenly, I live this experience to the full: I savor the journey just as much as I keep the destination in my sights. I recently read an article on “female entrepreneurship”: the obstacles, the under-representativeness of women in tech start-ups and their over-representativeness in societal impact start-ups… what do I think of it? you?

I prefer concrete actions. In November, the Faguo brand launched the “Make friday Green again” movement to denounce black friday and offer alternative and responsible consumption patterns. So as not to stop at a one-off publicity stunt, we have created the “Make every friday Green again” hashtag. Every Friday, on our Instagram account, we publish a post on the theme of the green house. On Friday March 5, a few days before Women’s Day, we posted a reflection on the subject of the relationship of women to ecology; Indeed, an observation had marked me since I have been in “impact” entrepreneurship.

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