I rarely have the Paraguay Phone Number List to read court decisions. I know this deserves to be left to the professionals and that my years of law school date from another century. However, invited by a tweet from El professor in Effectuation , I can only jump into this beautiful reading. When phsilberzhan quotes , there is something to intrigue! Not being a subscriber to the online media founded and chaired by Edwy Plewel , I was forced to look for an alternative and I ended up finding the prescription thanks to NextImpact . Thanks to them for making this great reading just a click away. In short, a return to the text rather than its comments could not hurt me to understand what had happened, in the urgency of a summary between April 8 and April 14.

Amazon condemned by order (the decision) To summarize the facts: 2 associations the Union syndical solidaires (sic) and the Friends of the Earth assign Amazon France SAS mainly on the basis of risk prevention for staff continuing the activity in one of the 6 warehouses. This brings a few things back to mind for Amazon which: employs nearly 10,000 people in France, two-thirds of whom are on an employment contract and the rest on a temporary basis (figures for February 2020); runs its warehouses in two 8s, including weekends with overnight preparation so that customers receive their packages on Saturday.

Amazon “Puzzled Over The Decision”

In its role, the union syndicale solidaires (1) (sic) asks the judge: order Amazon to conduct an occupational risk assessment related to the outbreak within 24 hours; a fine of 100,000 euros per day. This means that Amazon should pay this amount in the event of non-execution of the judge’s decision. After a long presentation of the arguments of the various parties and of the articles of law, the judge concludes that Amazon is condemned to “put an end to the clearly unlawful disorder and to prevent the imminent damage” by proceeding to the assessment of the professional risks inherent in the epidemic of Covid-19 , by involving

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staff representatives. Until this is done, Amazon is subject to the following obligations: restrict the activities of its warehouses to receiving goods, preparing and shipping orders for food, hygiene and medical products; a penalty “the amount of which must be proportionate to the financial resources of the company”, ie 1 million euros per day of delay . In summary, the judge bases his decision on: on the one hand, Amazon’s lack of information and training for its employees on their workstations (in particular on the use of gloves); on the other hand, on a lack of proof of the actions of implementation of the policy of prevention of Psycho-Social

Towards A General Case

Risks in period of Covid-19. An interim order issues a decision of law enforceable on a provisional basis . Amazon “puzzled over the decision” Without waiting, on April 16, the general manager of Amazon France also indicated to appeal the decision in an email sent to his customers. He also indicated in the same email that Amazon would continue to ensure its deliveries, “without category restriction”, from its international network with “adjusted deadlines”. The email also indicates that Amazon has asked its French collaborators to stay at home the week following the judgment, while maintaining their salary. Towards a general case?

What we can read in this 16-page document is nonetheless a company which has made a difference by prioritizing health security first, and which, like most companies, governments, organizations … in the world … Learn during this crisis. And that it is precisely these learnings, these trials and these improvements which are turned against it in a certain way, on the basis of a law made for a “normal” time of predictable elements. Indeed, the judge indicates that the reorganizations of workstations – in particular put in place to increase the effect of barrier gestures etc. – has not been the subject of a sufficient psycho-social risk

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