Bill Ready, the big Costa Rica Phone Numbers List of commerce at Google,to consult a variety of sources to learn more about the reputation of the author, website, and company. For example, they can look at online review sites like Yelp, as well as third-party organizations like the Better Business Bureau in North America. Raters can also visit Wikipedia or various high quality news sites. Reviewers are also responsible for doing Google searches to find the author, website, and company to obtain information about their reputation.To be considered high quality, it is necessary to have a positive reputation .

However, many “small” websites have no proof of reputation from third party sites. A lack of reputation does not make a page of poor quality. If your website or business has received awards or recommendations from experts or well-known professional organizations, this may contribute to obtaining a “top” quality rating. Google also uses signals from other sites in its algorithm to determine reputation . If lots of trusted sources are saying bad things about your site or authors, it will likely be more difficult for you to rank in Google. For this reason, you should be honest and always try to do the right thing for your readers and customers. Don’t give people a reason to say bad things about you online.

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Also consider managing your reputation on review sites like Yelp , Trustpilot and of course, Google My Business . Respond politely to negative reviews and do whatever you can to correct what earned you those reviews in the first place. Keep in mind that occasional negative reviews are not a reason to lose sleep. All the big sites get a few, and as long as the majority of reviews are positive, a few negative reviews won’t hurt you.E-commerce: how can Google dethrone Amazon?

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Locked-in consumers who leave their homes over the next few months will likely see the landscape of commerce change forever, with e-commerce dominating at the expense of large physical brands. According to this study , the rate of consumers who buy regularly online in the main European countries, including France, has exploded from 25% to 80% since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. With this trend that is unlikely to run out of steam after containment, Amazon will probably become even more powerful than today, even if the die-hard Gauls try to disrupt, and rightly so, the activity of Jeff Bezos’ firm. by causing the closure of its French warehouses for several weeks. It was also a subject covered in one of our podcasts .

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At the same time, many small online traders fell short during this period of crisis, forced to suspend their activities due to lack of personnel, logistics and demand from consumers. Summary Amazon as a real threat to Google Google Shopping: There’s more to Google is trying to assert itself A drive-to-store feature that can make the difference There is still some way to go Google must find its own way Conclusion Amazon as a real threat to Google Amazon’s dominance as a global leader in e-commerce and its growth as an advertising platform are direct threats to Google.

While the Seattle-based company can probably never catch up with or overtake Google in terms of ad revenue, it can slowly eat away at its market share and growth. In a way, Amazon is a more formidable competitor for Google than Facebook. Small parenthesis: do not hesitate to consult our article on the Amazon vs Google battle with regard to product research. Google has therefore tried to improve its shopping experience to better compete with Amazon, playing both attack and defense. Just recently, Google announced the return of free product listings to Google Shopping, which is in the process of rolling out.

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