To be successful Macedonia Phone Number List Marketing, you often need to narrow your keyword targeting down to simple phrases that are commonly searched for and understood by Internet users. So try to find language that is simple and straightforward, even if it is an expression that you have never used before. As you put together your target keyword ideas, follow these tips: Submit each keyword idea to SEO tools to measure search volume and how hard it will be to be visible. Make sure your target keywords are searched at least 100 times per month.

Of course, nothing prevents you from targeting keywords with a higher search volume. Any keyword with a low monthly search volume is not worth the time and effort, even if it is the buzzword right now. There is, however, one exception to this rule. Do you want to position yourself in the search engines for your brand? This will probably start to happen automatically if you use good SEO practices on your website. However, it will absolutely be necessary to follow your positioning for the names and expressions related to your business, including the name of your business with a geographic location (if you operate in specific geographic areas), and add your brand to the title tags of your pages.

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Adding your business to directories will also help you gain authority for your brand name. Measure bad KPIs A good keyword strategy means ranking high for the right keywords (the ones that lead to conversions), not just a large amount of keywords. Tip: It’s actually quite normal in a brand new keyword strategy to see your ranking drop for certain terms because you are re-optimizing for better and more relevant terms. So, during this period, you can see the traffic decrease while the number of leads increases. In addition to monitoring your keyword positions: Monitor your organic traffic. However, you need to make sure that if you measure traffic, the conversion rate of qualified leads also increases.

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The organic traffic conversion rate is therefore the metric to watch closely. The organic conversion rate should increase steadily over time as you refine your keyword strategy. Only keywords that drive traffic, convert them, and have meaning for your product or business are worth tracking. So pay close attention to blog posts and pages on your site that bring you qualified leads. Struggle for keywords that are not viable The most relevant keywords for your business have a high search volume and a low Keyword Difficulty (score indicating the difficulty of ranking well on a keyword).

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There are a few exceptions to this rule, but for those new to SEO, this is a great rule of thumb. Sometimes companies are fighting for keywords that don’t meet all of these criteria. They say to themselves “Our competitors are ranking for this keyword and therefore we should too”, even if the term is irrelevant to their business or has a high level of difficulty. It’s better to be more pragmatic in your keyword strategy and come up with new variations of keyword phrases than to jump headlong into the same queries that won’t be visible to you.

Especially when you’re getting into paid search , being in a “bidding war” with your competition is a great way to quickly deplete your budget. First of all, you need to differentiate yourself and build on long tail keywords so that you can gain some authority. Differentiation can help you avoid costly bidding wars with overly similar competitors. Tip: Some companies may be competitive on high difficulty keywords, but these companies already have a strong presence in search engines. It’s good to keep a few “high-difficulty, high-volume” keywords in

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