You can then eventually try to bind it again. As a Chile Phone Number result, you ultimately achieve a higher value and profitability for yourself. Categorization by price benchmark Within Google, using the best price is extremely important. The system makes price Chile Phone Number comparisons very easy for the searcher. This allows the potential buyer to see at a glance where he or she can go for the lowest price for the same product. As a seller you want something with this. Because if you continuously use the highest price, there is a very good chance that the product will not be bought from you.

Data Architecture

So it’s great that Google has made the comparison of Chile Phone Number prices transparent in the (currently) beta version of the price benchmark report within Google Merchant Center. What is the price benchmark for Shopping ads? Price benchmark report sample from Chile Phone Number Google Merchant Center. The price benchmark for Shopping ads shows which prices the other sellers of the same products are charging. The report shows a click-weighted average price per product. This provides insight into the price at which other advertisers successfully attract clicks for a particular product.

Usability Depends

Chile Phone Number

Example of benchmark from Google policy page. With Chile Phone Number the price benchmark report in Google Merchant Center it quickly becomes clear how your product prices compare to those of the competitors, and what percentage you perform below, average and above Chile Phone Number the benchmark. And you can do something with that. Because if you have that insight, you can also organize campaigns in that order. The campaigns with which you score below benchmark have a higher conversion rate than the campaigns equal to or above benchmark. Do you want to increase that percentage?

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