Perhaps you have asked yourself this type of question before, or maybe you are asking it yourself right now. In a former life in the marketing Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List of companies, I already had to make this type of decision and it is true that for a neophyte, the question can disarm more than one. If there is no clear answer, we wanted to bring you some elements here to help you make the right choice, or at least to make your choice with full knowledge of the facts.

The question of cost
When you have little experience in digital marketing, you easily tend to attach a lot of importance to the price elements governing the creation of a website. If there is a first point that strongly differentiates agencies from freelancers, it is the price, agencies often offering much higher rates than those of independent providers. Is it then more interesting to turn to a freelance provider? Yes and no, it will depend on a fairly large bundle of elements which is unique to you. No one will be able to answer for you …

A website is a website

If this title does not shock you, you are surely the type to be lost in front of such a problem. Obviously, this is the place to ask the first and good questions. If from an external point of view some sites can look the same, if you look twice, several elements can differentiate them. What can be seen at first glance: The design: your site is beautiful and some animations or effects confirm the idea that your website has a certain style. Navigation: you can easily find the information you are looking for and you do not get lost on your website. Which requires a little expertise:

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SEO aspects: is your website optimized for SEO in search engines? Does your supplier take into account metatags, URL optimization, duplicate content, images, etc. Call-to-action: is it easy to contact you, to find out more about your services and yourself? Mobility: is your website compatible with all browsers and all resolutions or screen sizes (iPad, iPad mini, smartphone, etc.)? Scalability: Is your website scalable? Are you going to expand internationally, are you going to launch new products or services? Will your website be able to handle these new features?

Freelance, quality at the lowest cost?

It is impossible to put all independent providers in the same basket, some are very talented and will be able to offer you websites of exceptional quality. Others will have vaguely learned to use WordPress and call themselves web designers. It is possible that these two types of professionals charge the same prices, which will make you hesitate when choosing your service provider … Beware of a freelance who masters all CMS (wordpress, drupal, joomla, prestashop …), who can create a website in 8 languages ​​for you, which offers you to deliver your website in Latin, and which makes no reservations about your small specifications …

A freelancer often has a specialty and is recognized for it, he cannot know everything and if he claims to be an expert on all fronts, this calls for mistrust. Take a good look at his portfolio and test the sites presented live to see if they are consistent and if they do not contain too many bugs… Also make sure you are dealing with someone honest who will integrate the edits into his quote, which will not sequester your domain names or your hosting credentials pending inflated payment for a very limited service …

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