The digital transformation is reaching maturity and a new strategic vision is Uk Email Lists at the gates of the fourth industrial revolution: the digital ecosystem.

According to Gartner, a digital ecosystem is a group of companies, people or things that are interdependent on standardized digital platforms in order to achieve a mutually beneficial goal.
In order to boost growth and innovation, more and more companies want to build an efficient digital ecosystem: according to MIT Iniative on Digital Economy, 50% of the 30 largest global brands have succeeded in weaving a high-performance digital ecosystem for grow their business exponentially.

Digital Ecosystem Examples

Among the success stories we can cite players like Apple, Google, Amazon, Airbnb, Alibaba or Uber… The reasons for their success are due to software development, data exploitation, or the cloud to create flexible digital platforms which they allow to manage and monetize the entire ecosystem.

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The effectiveness of a chatbot is judged by the quality of the customer experience: responding to simple requests in a fun and intuitive way. Be careful not to get carried away by the fashion effect. Everyone is talking about it, of course, but the chatbot must also bring real added value to the user (saving time, ease of use, etc.).

With Us Digital Agency 50a

We take into account your challenge, your brief, your digital problem as well as your environment to create your ecosystem map, Call us! or send us a form here !!

Do not hesitate to consult our case studies in order to understand how we work with our clients, the systems put in place and the results obtained following this collaboration. Speed : Processing data quickly and in real time is essential to make an appropriate decision in the context of a given situation. Adapting its strategy according to freshly collected information requires a certain flexibility and adaptability from the company, which is not always possible in certain structures.

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