We have prepared a list of types of publications on Facebook that can be made directly from the fanpage. It is worth mentioning that they are not direct ads made from Facebook Ads Manager and that they can be done easily. All fanpages seek to increase user engagement. Therefore, we must emphasize that it depends on the interaction that a user has with their fanpage so that this page appears first in the home section. Next, we’ll explain the different types of posts on Facebook and the additional actions within a post. posts on facebook Important: All post types may not appear on all fanpages. This is because Facebook is always in the testing phase and activates all or limits some actions according to the activity of each fanpage.

Therefore, if any of these features do not appear, you will have to wait or increase your activity so that in the process, they will be activated automatically. 1. Photo and video: Among the most popular types of Facebook posts photo and video for facebook Posting photos and videos makes it easy to engage users. A follower is more likely to read content if it is delivered interactively. For this reason, photographs and illustrations are a way of capturing Benin Phone Number the follower and making them interact with the content . In fact, the videos are highly recommended to reach the fan. However, there are several options when choosing to post a photo or video. Add photos or videos to your status photo and video in the state When you post a photo or video on your fanpage.

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it will be seen on the home page of your community and  friends. Likewise, the publication made will remain in your feed and any user who enters will be able to view it. Although there are options to edit privacy and publication, it is not possible to modify the material.  Except in the description. It also provides the ability to archive the post.  So that it is no longer visible to your friends. Upload multiple videos upload multiple facebook videos.  Uploading multiple videos allows fanpage administrators to upload more than.  One audiovisual material on a particular topic. It is worth mentioning that these videos will not in a separate folder. But you can find them in “your videos”. Likewise, the publication can and it gives the possibility of adding more videos.

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Post video to multiple pages video on several facebook pages.  This new feature is for people who manage multiple accounts as. It helps post relevant content across all of them. Therefore, it saves time because the same video is published on several fanpages without having to upload it again. We note that to post content to multiple Pages, your Fan Page must have cross-posting permission with the other Pages. In addition, you must be an administrator of all the pages that will publish the same content. Create photo album facebook photo album This option allows you to share two or more photos within an album. That is, when creating it, it will determine a name for the photo collection. You can also add a description related to the message of the images.

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We highlight this type of publication because within the fanpage the album will as you it. Create photo sequence Facebook photo stream.  The photo sequence tool makes it possible to display two or more images or videos in the same post. It differs from a photo album because each piece has its own title, description, link, and call to action. The user can slide through the publication and select the one they like the most. We emphasize that this type of publication is attractive.  And gives the administrator the possibility of linking several posts of his blog. Create instant experience facebook instant experience.  Instant experiences refer to full-screen experiences that. Here it is to combine images and videos in order to tell a more attractive story.

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