Snapchat has become the favorite application for young people thanks to its multimedia image and video service with augmented reality filters. This social network has gained popularity because it allows its millions of users to share everyday moments with your snapchatters. It has some peculiarities, such as sharing your photos or videos with followers that you previously select. And establishing the visibility time of your states for a group of followers. In addition, its popular filters for both videos and photos have made it one of the most original social networks that has captured the attention of millions of users and brands around the world.

In this article you will learn how Snapchat was born, and its process to become one of the most popular social networks today. snapchat history snapchat history Snapchat was created as a capstone project for a course at Stanford University . Its creator, Evan Spiegel, had designed this work when he was a student at that university in his last Taiwan Phone Number year of Product Design. This final work became known as Picaboo , and was exclusively for posting photos, then deleting them so that no one else could have access to them. This is how Snapchat was born in September 2011.

Advantages at the Brand Level

A new application that conquered thousands of people for its wide variety of filters. Spiegel decided to have Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown, who were students at Stanford University, and they got together to develop one of the most popular apps. In 2012, the application began to grow, and you could send 25 images per second, and by November of that year, more than a million photos had been shared thanks to the Snapchat iOS app. Later, the app for Android began to be sold, and thus it was gaining popularity among the young public. In that year, Snapchat was beginning to have a user base of 10 million , and it had its own version for Android. By early 2013 , Snapchat users were sending more than 14 million.

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Photos and videos daily, while Snapchat stories were nearly 500 million times a day. Due to the number of users and the great interaction with the application. Among other factors, Snapchat to at 10,000 million dollars. Snapchat News One of the most notable events in the history of Snapchat was the great offer of Mark Zuckerberg, who tried to buy the company for the amount of 3 billion dollars, a number higher than the income generated at the time. Despite being a large sum of money and a good offer, Spiegel decided to reject it.

Disadvantages at the User Level

Although they once again tried to buy the company, he refused the offer. However, not everything was triumph and success for Snapchat. As Evan Spiegel was by Reginald Brown. Who to be one of the creators and who had the original idea of ​​the application.  And even designed the famous ghost logo of the app. Sometime later, it was that  in the creation.  And it was that he was one of the creators of Snapchat. For this, he was a third of the company. By mid-2014, Snapchat had more and more users around the world, registering a growth of 57%.

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