They do not use advertising in their application. The account can only be on a single cell phone, you cannot enter from another cell phone simultaneously. Share statuses in real time, similar to the “stories” option on Facebook. You can share documents, photos, videos or gifs and you can apply filters, emoticons or texts. Create chat groups with several people. The maximum number of people in a group is 256. You can send your current or real-time location to another contact. WhatsApp Features This application, which began with basic functions such as sending and receiving messages, evolved more and more, until it was able to include more services that benefit its users.

Services such as calls, video calls, transferring files and even being able to send the location of where you are. These implementations, which grew over time and the history of the app, are what have made WhatsApp continue to be successful worldwide. calls It works in the same way as ordinary calls, but these can only be from cell phone Mexico Phone Number to cell phone, not from cell phones to landlines. Unlike phone calls, WhatsApp calls use data and not balance, which allows your calls to be not only local and national, but also international. video calls It works just like video calls on Facebook. You click the camera icon at the top of the screen, wait for the other person to answer, and they can automatically start talking.

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You have to keep in mind that a video call will consume a large amount of data compared to simple messages, as well as draining your battery quickly. That is why if you are close to a Wi-Fi connection, it is better that you connect, so that your data does not end. state It will allow you to share videos, photos or Gifs with your contacts, to which you can add filters, emoticons or texts, and these will last for 24 hours. With this function, WhatsApp equals the history function of Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram. transfer files The best option of all, if you are studying or working. They can share a photo or a file to your cell phone and then have access to it, accessing it from a computer. There is a file size limit to what you can send, but really only videos will be a problem.

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You can share photos, music, videos or documents (Word, Excel, Power Point or PDF). Location It will allow you to exchange locations with your friends in real time. Either so that they go for you or know that you are already on your way. Broadcast Messaging It allows you to send the same message simultaneously to different people without including them in a single chat. whatsapp web You can connect to WhatsApp, through the web. This will give you access to all the conversations, photos and files you have on your mobile WhatsApp. Before you can enter, you have to scan a QR code, with the help of your mobile application. Advantages and Disadvantages of WhatsApp WhatsApp is the preferred application for millions of users who want to send text messages for free. But there is much more to the app than just writing a message and sending it.

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There are advantages and disadvantages to take advantage of and learn a little more about them. Advantages Advantages at the user level Available for iPhone and Android cell phones. Send unlimited messages around the world, only with an Internet connection. You can share other contacts numbers, location and files easily. You can create a group chat with up to 256 contacts. With broadcast messages, you can send individual messages to multiple people at once. You can access WhatsApp from a PC. You can receive and make unlimited voice and video calls for free. Provide emojis to make the conversation fun and interesting You can block your contacts if you no longer want to receive their messages. It works without a SIM card, in case you are in another country and do not have access to an operator.

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