Due to the impact it generates on people, videos are recognized as the visual aspect par excellence to retain the public and have greater relevance on the platform. We believe it is important to mention that Instagram is one of the most used social networks , so having a company profile for your brand is of vital importance if you want to position yourself within the field. Factors to take into account to make videos on Instagram To make audiovisual content, several important points must be taken into account. This is because in order to create content, it must have been previously planned. In addition, all content is made with a purpose or desire. That is why we will establish a list of factors to make quality videos on Instagram Message.

It is important to establish what you want to transmit with the video. Clear idea: Within this point you work with the message. In other words, the idea is the way in which the brand has decided to get its message across. Objective: As we already mentioned, every publication must fulfill a purpose. That is why it is important to establish the marketing plan before making any content. Script: Writing a script is important as it sets the tone for Thailand Phone Number how the video will be made. In addition, it is necessary to optimize time and budget. Edition: This factor is as important as the recordings and script. Conclution Video posts on Instagram are one of the most engaging types of content to reach users. For this reason, it is important that brands know the different types of audiovisual content that they can produce.

Text Ads: a Very Effective Type of Ad

We emphasize that it is important to know the community so that the video format is correct to captivate them. In addition, we believe that they can expand their knowledge with Digital Marketing diplomas.In order to reach the desired audience and create connections, it is important to have advertising on social networks. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the most effective advertisements that you can make on your digital platforms. In addition, we consider the main features, types and explain on which social networks you can make each ad. Currently, people have accommodated social networks as part of our daily lives. That is why companies use this channel as part of their digital marketing strategy. In addition, it is important to have quality content that can engage the user and can reduce the cost of advertising .

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Next, we will mention the most effective social media ads. Image ads: The most used type of social media ad Graphic ads are part of advertising on social networks and are used within digital marketing strategies that seek to attract traffic to your website. We emphasize that they are easy to do and you can include direct links to your pages. This type of ad is available on various social networks and performs well on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. They are popular as users of these platforms expect audiovisual content. It is worth mentioning that images with little or no text can improve the user experience. For that reason, Facebook will only serve your ad if 20% or less of the image contains text.

Engaging Social Media Ads

Also, book covers, album covers and product images are usually exempt from this rule. It’s important that you use the ‘Image Text Verification’ tool to check that your ad text is below the limit. Carousel ads: One of the most effective ads Carousel ads are perfect when the business wants to tell a story about the brand. That is why we recommend using this format to entertain and capture the attention of your community with quality content. It is worth mentioning that it is available for Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. We point out that carousel ads are by allowing up to 10 images or videos to be in a single publication. You can also place an individual link and call-to-action button for each one. Although Facebook can optimize the order of carousel images based on carousel performance.

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