Thanks for checking out our first blog post ! I wanted the communication agency Markentive to regularly offer quality content to give you an idea of ​​our work and help you learn more about current Palestine Email List and marketing practices. This blog is also dedicated to the exchange of good ideas. Please do not hesitate to send us comments if you feel inspired.

E-mailing and social networks: use it to complete your databases!
I have sometimes heard “Having a lot of fans on Facebook is like being rich in Monopoly, it won’t keep you alive.” If you don’t do anything with your fans, it might be true. According to the sources, it is said that between 25 and 50% of your followers, fans, contacts are potentially interested in your newsletter. We still have to offer it to them!

A New Model Of Health Communication

On the occasion of this first post, I propose to present to you a case study where we have addressed an issue of online and offline communication in the health sector (medical device). With our consultants dedicated to digital communication for the health industry and pharma , we have built a strategy to mix events, print, but also all digital activities such as Community Management and blog writing.

Palestine Email List

We were inspired by the principles of inbound marketing to allow our client to have access to a maximum of qualified contacts via his website that we have revised (design, referencing, architecture). We have thus directly connected physical and digital activities for maximum efficiency! (QR codes, newsletters, congress contacts …).

Use Your Blog And Premium Media (White Papers, Infographics, Case Studies)

Remember to retrieve the email details of contacts who have requested your expertise by downloading your content or by making a special request. These contacts are in essence interested in what you offer and will surely be attentive to your emails.

This step lays the foundations of inbound marketing, be sure we’ll talk about it again! You will understand, we are supporters of permission marketing and focus our thinking on quality rather than quantity. This small list is not exhaustive, but we invite you to share the best practices for successfully building your contact databases!

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