However, Editor’s Introduction: Business Changes Will Affect Our Business Structure. So. in the Face of Major Business Adjustments. How Should Our Structure Be Adjust? the Author of This Article Analyzes How to Deal with Business Model Changes from a Business Perspective. Hoping to Help You. When We Oman Phone Number Encounter Business Changes. We Must Think About a Question: Can the System Be Change Less. or Not Change. to Meet Business. or When Face with Major Business Adjustments. We All Ask: Does This Affect the Architecture? How to Adjust the Structure? If the Business Adjustment Is as State in the Article “Innovation of Two Oman Phone Number Digital Business Models of Auto Finance”: Our Business Model Needs to Be Change. and More Partners Provide Value Support; How Do We Deal with It? Since It Is a Business Change.

Business Abstraction Oman Phone Number

However, That We Talk About Business Architecture. Let’s Take a Look at What Business Architecture Is. Business Architecture Is a Channel for Transforming an Enterprise’s Business Strategy into Daily Operations. Business Strategy Determines the Business Architecture. Which Includes Oman Phone Number Business Operation Mode. Process System. Organizational Structure. Geographical Distribution and Other Contents. the Definition of Business Architecture in Different Role Perspectives Is Not the Same. and the Content Is Also Relatively Wide. the Business Architecture Referred to in This Article Is More About. How to Oman Phone Number Disassemble the Strategy into System Practice. and the Practice Here Does Not Mean What Technology Stack or Architectural Model to Use. Here Is from Strategy. Dismantling to Business. It Is Further Subdivided into Business Modules and Business Services. at This Level of Granularity.

That We Talk About Business Architecture Oman Phone Number

Oman Phone Number

However, Business Will Define the General Direction and Strategy, and Technology Will Have Its Own Technical Goals, but How to Oman Phone Number Combine the Two? Let’s Take a Look at the Problems Faced by Auto Finance. Now, Traditional Auto Finance Needs to Consider: How to Support Direct Sales Business Flow, How to Support the Trend of Multiple Front-End Contacts, How to Deal with Parallel Processes in Multiple Business Scenarios, and How to Quickly Adjust Our System to Support Business Changeable? on the Other Hand, Direct Sales Face Ordinary Customers. , Do Not Have Professional Knowledge, Need to Provide Oman Phone Number Convenient and Easy-To-Understand Services. with the Maturity of the Business, the Business Division Has Become More and More Refined, Including New Cars, Used Cars, Exhibition Cars, Company Cars, and Online Car-Hailing.

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