That can to all post types on Facebook. These refer to moods and events that are usually out. It is worth mentioning that this addition is frequently to humanize the brand.  And generate more interest in the content from fans. I’m here The additional “I’m here” action is used to determine where you are . This is often used to add more information and be more attractive to users. Likewise, highlighting the place where the photographs were taken makes the publications look more complete and therefore more professional. Increase business visits It is important that an address has been previously entered in the Bing map of Facebook, because that way the site can be promoted. Well, with the entered address, you can make a publication that aims to visit the establishment .

That is, when the user clicks, he can see the location and the distance between him and the establishment. tag sponsor Sponsorship is considered an action in which a company pays a third party in exchange for the sponsor presenting Bulgaria Phone Number the brand or product to their community. We emphasize that in order to label a sponsor, you must first know if your business partner has activated approvals. Admins of the sponsor’s fan page will receive a notification each time you tag them in a branded content post. The moment the trading partner clicks on the notification, they will to the statistics. Here you can approve or remove the tags and check the metrics.

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Likewise, the sponsor can access the following statistics: Reach : It refers to the number of people the publication has managed to reach. Interaction : It is the number of likes, comments and shares of each post. Tag unpaid promotion The unpaid promotion tag can on a post via a tag in order to support another fanpage within your community . Likewise, this action does not seek to profit but to help another project. In this way, Facebook motivates the fraternal help between projects through unpaid organic actions. Conclution The different posts on Facebook will make your feed more attractive and the brand more dynamic . To manage all types of content, we recommend taking a Community Manager course . Likewise, you can complement it by studying Digital Marketing .

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This will keep you up to date on trends and catch your fans. Finally, we hope we have helped answer your questions related to the types of posts on Facebook.Any company or brand that wants to be present efficiently on Facebook must create a fan page . The reason for this is that the fan page is an excellent communication channel between brands and their clients and does not require them to contacts friendship approval. Although it is similar to a personal Facebook profile, the fan page is ideal for companies and organizations since it has tools to monitor the interaction and participation of followers. Likewise, we consider it important to mention that.

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it includes statistics and can optimize your time with content programming from certain tools. Therefore, we will tell you everything you need to know to manage a fan page without failing. Remember that most things in the digital world are about trying until you find what works. Facebook fan page Having a fan page allows brands to manage their content.  And manage and interact with their virtual community through messages and comments. On the other hand, they can obtain metrics and data that allow them to know the potential of their digital marketing actions . In this way, you will be able to carry out advertising actions according.  To your brand objectives and increase the engagement of your fan page through creative.

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