In the space of two decades, the Internet has forever revolutionized the way we Chad Email List the world around us. Think about it for a moment: it’s so easy for us today to order a pair of sneakers online, chat live with a friend living on the other side of the globe, or book your next vacation with just a few clicks, that it is almost impossible for us to imagine how we used to do it before.

The digital revolution
If sociologically the impact was important, it was just as important from an economic point of view. Companies previously limited by geographic and budgetary constraints can now do business wherever they want and at a lower cost. The internet has broken down barriers, making the world a village in which we all interact as neighbors. Theglobalization allows us to live today in a collaborative and participatory virtual space, allowing anyone to put their creativity, intelligence and know-how at the service of the common good.

When unity is strength

You are certainly familiar with the expression: “there are more ideas in two heads than in one” . And in tens, hundreds, even thousands of heads, can you imagine the creative potential? It is exactly from this observation that the idea of crowdsourcing comes : to bring together, thanks to the Internet, a large number of people around a common project and to solicit their proactive participation . Projects that were previously carried out by a single person or a work team can now pass through the hands of thousands of Internet users before they see the light of day. The best-known example of a crowdsourcing project is the famous online encyclopedia Wikipedia, which in the space of a few years has managed to produce more content than the more than 200-year-old encyclopedia Brittannica.

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The relevance of the articles written on Wikipedia would surpass that of its illustrious predecessor! How is it possible ? It’s simple, by engaging a large number of people, you usually arrive, thanks to their multiple ideas and skills, in a much better end product than if it had been produced on its own. In the world of entrepreneurship, this finding is common knowledge, and more and more start-ups are using crowdsourcing as a lever to launch campaigns or offer ever more innovative and unexpected products. The latest crazy project to date? The construction of a statue bearing the effigy of Steve Jobs, the size of which will be proportional to the generosity of donors!

Crowdsourcing to boost your content creation

Today, crowdsourcing has become a real business. A company that wants to lighten its workload (whether for lack of time, to save money or even because of a lack of skills in a specific area) can very easily find outside labor. qualified who will take care of it. But, of course, it comes at a price. What if I told you that it is possible to use the power of crowdsourcing for free as part of your inbound marketing business? And what’s more, when it comes to a digital marketer’s biggest nightmare: content creation!

Indeed, crowdsourced content (that’s its name) is a technique that involves asking for the help of people outside your company to create your content. The advantage of this practice is that it generally requires the collaboration of people who are connected with your brand or your company (this can be for example simple visitors, engaged prospects, even customers), which can represent a real asset in terms of commitment and visibility. These outsiders will also have a more neutral outlook on your industry, your products, your environment, to talk about it in a constructive and interesting way. This will allow you tocreate real quality content while avoiding it being too commercial and boring for your targets.

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