What is the revenue per customer for the first Kenya Phone Number purchase? What should I use for my online marketing budget now? It doesn’t matter whether you spend 100 or 1000 euros per day on online marketing. If the costs per new customer only remain Kenya Phone Number around 30 euros and the cost of a purchase from an existing customer remains around 5 euros (divide 20 euros by 4 purchases). Of course, customer value must also remain the same (or increase). Look closely at last year’s data. What were the costs per new customer at the time?

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If this was too high, it is better to start with a lower Kenya Phone Number daily budget. Was this lower? Then it is better to increase the daily budget a bit. Switching from CPA to ROAS In the example above, you invest 30 euros in advertising costs for a new customer and realize a Kenya Phone Number direct turnover of 60 euros. You work with a ROAS of 2 (60 euros / 30 euros). For campaigns that focus on new customers, it is therefore best to aim for a ROAS of 2. Do you want more market share? If your focus in the first year (or longer) is on capturing market share, you could choose to reinvest all turnover in (online) marketing activities.

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Then you gain more market share by reinvesting Kenya Phone Number your profits. In summary, to determine your online marketing budgets for 2022 Analyze your data from the past year carefully Calculate what your costs are for online marketing Calculate your Kenya Phone Number average margin on products See how often a customer comes back and what a customer spends on average Think about how much of your net profit you want to reinvest in your company Don’t just invest time and money in acquiring new customers, but also in retaining current customers. Have any questions?

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