They do this with thought leadership content. Thought Paraguay Phone Number leadership content, what is it? With thought leadership content, the product or service of a company is not central for once. It concerns subjects and themes that concern the recipient, about which sheParaguay Phone Number  often has pressing questions. The content is always free and appears in the form of articles, blogs, white papers, infographics and videos. Thought leadership content is not snackable content . It does Paraguay Phone Number provide value for the reader. The sender is preferably not a brand, but a real person. A professional who at least has the ambition to become a knowledge leader in a certain topic. And which aims to be both recognized and recognized on this subject.

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An example of thought leadership content is this article Paraguay Phone Number by Karel Baert . As CEO of Febelfin, an organization that looks after the affairs of the Belgian financial sector, he himself takes the podium in this opinion piece. Long form content Blog platform Paraguay Phone Number Medium collected data on the most successful articles on their platform. They did this by Paraguay Phone Number measuring the average time on the page in relation to the length of the post and the amount of time it takes the average reader to read the entire post. Medium found that the reading time of an ideal blog post is seven minutes.

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The length of such an article is about 1600 words. To Paraguay Phone Number get a sense of how much that is, this article contains exactly 1690 words. Graph of the average total time spent on all visitors to a post versus the length of the post. The average total time spent on all Paraguay Phone Number visitors to a post, versus the length of the post. (Source: Medium ) A good example, also happens to be around 1600 words, is an article about trust in government . You can find it on Paraguay Phone Number the website of accountancy firm EY. Cecile Heemels and Beate van Dongen Crombags, both partners in this organisation, are the authors of this piece.

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