A nervous system with Israel WhatsApp Number List in France, accountants are critical local references for the French economy. The resilience demonstrated during past crises should not obscure the key role played by businesses during the 2020 health crisis. Indeed, the economic measures taken by the Government since March have been supported by accountants with their representatives. customers to help them face the emergency and thus try to navigate the pandemic as best as possible. After this first wave of crisis, accountants are now more than ever faced with the challenge of digital transformation,

not only in their firms but also vis-à-vis their clients. On the contrary, the firms were ready to face this sudden challenge with the help of technological solutions that enabled them to respond effectively to the demands of their clients. However, (spoiler) it’s not just the technology that has helped stay resilient. In this spirit, the 3 experts of our MorningTalk discussed the key factors of this success as well as the posture taken – or to be taken – by the firms vis-à-vis digital in order to ensure or initiate a transformation. Here are our speakers:

A nervous system with companies

Forcing yourself to define major effects, that is to say, between several effects, only retain the main ones. For that, I advise you to define as a basic rule: do not represent more than 1 or 2 links of cause and effect by cause, 3 exceptionally. Indeed, this cause tree is first and foremost a working tool for you and your client’s teams: if you make it too complex it will be unusable (even if you may be very proud of yourself) The second interest of this “tree” is to allow a global analysis. For example, personally I use a left-to-right representation. We therefore find on the left what we can qualify as “root causes” and on the right the final consequences.


The tree can be very different depending on the case. Is it a tree with few root causes, all the intermediate causes / consequences being attached to a low number of root causes? Is it a tree with a lot of root causes? Are there any link and leaf subsets of the tree that appear? ie domains with a lot of links inside but weakly coupled with other subsets of the tree? This is fundamental for your synthesis, particularly in terms of communication. If this tree is well defined, it will be relatively easy for you to present it in a working meeting then to lead a collective intelligence work to amend it live and move on to a classic prioritization session.

After this first wave of crisis, accountants

And if you’ve managed to identify loosely coupled areas within your tree, you can even do subcommittee work around these different subsets of the tree. It should be noted that far from having a negligible carbon footprint, video nevertheless makes it possible to reduce emissions, as long as its use remains reasonable. (For a teleworking day to have a carbon footprint of 10 kgCO2 equivalent, i.e. similar to our face-to-face assessment, a consultant should spend 14 hours of video per day!). According to our scenarios, the use of video tools seems to be a good way to reduce your GHG emissions by avoiding travel by car or bus, especially for a client meeting. Not to mention its advantages in health emergencies, as the head of ENC Blomet explains .

It is not so much the movement as the way of getting around that has an impact on GHG emissions: personal vehicles and the bus are the worst performers. We can then favor teleworking or limit travel between sites when possible. But the biggest lever for action in these scenarios remains the choice of what to put on our plate. One more argument for eating more balanced? We will gradually continue to explore the full impact of digital progress on energy consumption and GHG emissions. We would be interested to have your opinion on this subject, by answering our survey . Do not hesitate to download our white paper “Study of Mobility” in the right banner.

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