transition. The next day, I Romania Phone Number List to do everything to get there but I quickly realized that everything was done to complicate my task. I needed help, and searched the market for solutions but couldn’t find anything. So I decided to do it myself and create my own solution. The problem is therefore that there is a real difficulty when taking action.for a greener lifestyle. The goal of the project is to help all people who also wish to embark on their transition to action, in a coherent manner and above all without looking back. For example, it’s not just about buying an eco-friendly toothbrush once and going back

to an industrial plastic brand afterwards. There is a real stake in changing your lifestyle in a sustainable way. Koya wants to enable as many people as possible, via new technologies, to find help to do so. And above all, let it become a habit! Unfortunately, we can’t do it on our own, it’s a complicated process that is not as easy as one might think: there are a lot of habits to change! How did you start the project? I spent two weeks pondering the subject, without really telling myself that I was going to start a proper business. I spoke about it to those around me, especially to someone who worked in a start-up.

How Did You Start The Project

This person told me that such a project would be complicated without an economic model, and this is what triggered the reflection of starting a business. Still a master’s student, I spoke about it to my school which manages an entrepreneurship course. Having no sales training at all apart from a few management courses, I was advised to be accompanied by an association. I was therefore guided in my approach by Enactus France, a social and solidarity enterprise. They helped me set up the project and carry out the procedures: create my Business Model, develop my pitch, etc. I worked a lot on my own, helping myself on different

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platforms. It took me 3 months to develop the entire business model and the graphic charter, and to conduct a market study other than the one I just had in mind. At the end of May 2019, the national Enactus competition for entrepreneurial projects took place, and that’s where it happened: I started to feel like an entrepreneur! I was finally able to unveil my project and pitch in front of a jury. Everything went very quickly, combined with the end of my work-study year, my personal activities and student life. Last September, I started my last year of school and followed a course specializing in entrepreneurship, with courses in

The Consequences Of Development

innovation, marketing and finance. Koya today? Today, we are two working full time on the project, considered as our end-of-study internship with student-entrepreneur status. Koya will officially be released in September 2020! We have just finished our fundraising and raised 15,000 euros to develop the project. We have developed a first diet program that will be tested. Two developers joined the team and launched the site’s first landing page. We are currently working on the user experience, which we are testing with companies and individuals. The consequences of development? The digital program on food will be

launched in September, we are getting all the tools little by little. Other programs are to come: water, energy, transport, zero waste consumption… to be continued! What lessons? It’s hard ! But it is a very enriching experience. You have to give a lot of yourself, you don’t always realize it. You learn to discern what is really important and what is not. I also developed a lot of “hard skills” because I did not know the field of entrepreneurship and I had to learn everything. What’s great is that it’s a diverse, multi-tasking field: you can use engineering or chemist skills while doing marketing on the side! There is this possibility of changing

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