In 2018, the ENC on rue Blomet ,Lithuania WhatsApp Number List an Audit of the establishment to determine how to develop the organization and use of digital technology. Two years later, this made it possible to manage the confinement period while ensuring pedagogical continuity, and today teachers and administrative staff benefit from the digital tools of the 21st century: collaborative suite, data in the Cloud, high-level security, Wifi in all buildings, wireless projection in all rooms… The faculty gradually appropriates these tools to reinvent the way they teach. We invited the head of ENC Blomet to present his vision of this transition

what it has brought, and the prospects it opens up. The audio recording of the exchange can be found on the audio track below, almost 6 months after the normal date. I was only able to answer him what I had heard “my trustee is not comfortable with digital tools”. In conclusion, I continue to be convinced that this crucial and unloved profession suffers from this delay in investing in digital. The questions that I share with you for debate: How, in 2020, to remain an attractive profession without having invested in digital technology, both in the relationship with its customers, and also in its employees? How not to be or become the target of a future Uber? Finally, beyond the impact on the holding of an annual meeting

In 2018, The Enc On Rue Blomet Commissioned

what will be the consequences on the works and the building sector? In a recent article , Henri Buzy-Cazaux headlined “No, the energy renovation of condominiums will not boost our economy”. Solutions to deploy videoconferencing at low cost exist; they are now well mastered – at a minimum – by all those who have lived and are living their confinement by teleworking. Why not promote the deployment of simple and efficient debate solutions in cabinets? Why, despite the ordinances, some of which were passed in March 2020, nothing appears in the recovery plan to support the digitization of the profession of trustee, whose


weight and economic and social training are measured?customer relationship is the way in which the relationship is established between the company and its target. The resources , which are the materials, services, capital and human resources necessary for the production of the product or service The activities , which are all necessary processes to production (logistics, operation, maintenance …). The partners are all the strategic stakeholders in the project (people, internal services, companies, institutions, authorities, etc.) on whom the launch of the product or service should be based. The costs and revenues , no need to explain

We Invited The Head Of Enc Blomet To Present

Thus, in 3 workshops, we help a company and its people to bring out their ideas , to qualify them and to structure them from a business point of view . We do not provide ideas in the place of business experts, we are facilitators, there to unite energies and promote know-how . Share this article on your social networks: Facebook Twitter LinkedInE-mail Two observations motivate this assertion: Previously unopened or paid data has become easy to access and free (e.g. Base Sirene ) Data previously available but difficult to re-use are now offered in a structured way to be re-used (eg: National Address Database , INSEE data )

This data being available, we used it for our client. By crossing them with its internal data, we were able to: Re-register its industrial data in the territorial context: redistribution of its entities for marketing-oriented groupings (urban, peri-urban customers, etc.), grouping of services (materialized by geopoints) by coherent territorial entities (municipalities, agglomerations, etc.) … Add value to its industrial data by crossing it with localized socio-economic data: living standards, purchasing power, labor market, etc. Open data is not the only witness to the evolutions underway around the use of data. We also note that many free online access services are appearing and allow “non-experts” to use or enrich their data easily: geocoding services

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