Shopping posts in the form of Ads Every month, more than 130 million Instagram users click on the tags of shopping posts. These posts allow users to purchase directly from the app. E-merchants publish their shopping posts and tag the items therein, so that customers can get the details and buy them. Shopping post tags Source Thus, the project of Facebook is to sponsor these shopping publications, and pass them in the Ads locations, which appear in the news feed. Currently in a testing period, the deployment of this new feature would be scheduled for very soon, with the end of year holidays considered potentially interesting. Promote in-app purchases Facebook initially planned to create an application totally dedicated to e-commerce, for its photo and video sharing service. The American giant finally retracted, preferring to focus on the development of features within its ecosystem.

E-merchants have been able to take full advantage of this so far. But, the Silicon Valley firm does not want to stop there, and now aims to associate it with advertising. Whether for Facebook or Instagram, this novelty is likely to attract advertisers. Indeed, let’s take the example of dynamic ads, mainly on Facebook (carousel ads on Instagram). These dynamic have often resulted in an increase in target audiences and a better conversion rate. These advertising inserts are displayed on the news feed of users who have shown an interest (addition to the cart, purchase on the site, etc.). As for the shopping posts, they encourage the user to make the purchase using the tags displayed on the articles of the post. Therefore, an increase in conversions is expected. Tests have already started with a few businesses chosen by Facebook.

Promote in-app purchases

Your SEA agency will give you more details. In-app purchase is therefore a feature that appeared a few months ago. “We are very excited to expand our shopping Italy Phone Number presence on Instagram by positioning our organic shopping posts as an advertisement. It is important for us to try new techniques and to develop our marketing strategy because we learn daily about the behavior and habits of our consumers through the new services of Instagram. We can’t wait to see the impact this innovation will have on our business ! “Alisa Harada, Marketing Manager of Revolve To conclude Facilitating and encouraging in-app purchases is the idea of ​​Facebook. The US giant will monitor the effects of his testing period and see if it is as successful as it hopes. A very imminent implementation is under consideration, with the end of year holiday season just around the corner.

Italy Phone Number
Italy Phone Number

After getting involved in features around shopping during 2018, Facebook intends to land again in this sector very soon. So don’t hesitate! Contact your SEA agency to develop your digital strategy optimally. In theory, this update is a good thing. But in practice, we can still ask ourselves the question of what original content is. What to remember? This study conducted by brings freshness to the ideas of SEOs. By involving them themselves, it is as if they were carrying out round tables and exchanging between professionals in the same field. In addition, the concept also provides more simplified answers for digital enthusiasts, although they do not necessarily reflect the absolute truth all the time. Either way, do not hesitate to contact your SEO agency. Its experts will be at your disposal to answer your questions and help you move forward with your SEO strategy.

Shopping posts in the form of Ads

With more than three billion cumulative users worldwide, Facebook and Instagram must always find solutions to satisfy their community. Always looking for improvements for its search engine, the Mountain View firm has just made changes to the organic results of the SERPs. She has not communicated anything on this subject officially, but it has been a few days since this change seems to be effective. Your SEO agency will communicate the details to you. One more modification Google has made a change to its search results. The change is made on the display of cooking recipes in the zero position. Prior to this update, cooking recipes, at the start of the Google SERPs, were presented as lists or paragraphs in featured snippets . The goal was to present the recipes as tutorials directly visible to Internet users. Featured Snippets: as steps for a recipe.

Old Google SERPs view for cooking recipes From now on. Cooking recipes in position zero are displayed in a rich results section . Three results emerge and are displayed by the search engine. Then when you click “show more”, there are nine more recipes that open. This new display leaves the possibility for more sites to appear in zero position, where there was only one before. For once, rich results are one of the different ways to highlight a site. The best possibility, now, for the referencing of your cooking recipes. Recipe display New display of Google SERPs for cooking recipes From mobile to desktop.  This new display in zero position for the desktop version was already. Available on the mobile version, in the form of a carousel.

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