First of all, the project was born from a Slovenia Phone Number List between Vincent Burgevin, director and screenwriter for 15 years, and me, originally an urban planner. Our meeting is a real opposition between the real and the virtual and what brought us together was the desire to tell stories in real life. We looked at what augmented reality could bring because we found that this technology held great promise. But we were quickly disappointed with the realization. Indeed, augmented reality does not allow today to have a beautiful image as one can have it in the cinema and does not allow to go into the emotion through the narration. We have therefore

developed our own technology based on 360 ° video that we will contextualize: we are going to make people believe that they are filming when they are having an experience. In fact, they are watching a video that overlaps perfectly with the real environment. What is your promise and what is the concept behind that promise? SkyBoy is an extraordinary experience that nobody has ever seen in the field of augmented reality thanks to its patented “Overlap Reality” technology and the transformation of this experience in the digital world to create value for the customer. SkyBoy, with its technology, aims to bring cinematic quality into an

How Did You Start The Project

augmented reality experience. Initially our concept was based on a mobile application. Today that barrier has been lifted. We have evolved our technology to make it available directly on the mobile web via a URL, an email, a post on social networks or even a QR-Code. We also have clients who ask us to create applications to be implemented in tablet-type “devices” that they will lend or rent. We did it for the Paris Opera, for example. Today it is possible to visit the Opera Garnier with a rental tablet at the entrance, allowing you to experience a unique visit to the Opera Garnier. This contract will run for six consecutive years of operation. We carried out a project with Les Galeries Lafayettewhich was very viral and which

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brought us some recognition in the augmented reality sector because no one had seen an augmented reality experience as beautiful, as poetic and as narrative as what we had done and that opened up us a second very strong element of our value proposition: beyond providing an experience, re-enchanting a place, surprising the viewer with something he has never seen, we work exclusively with the smartphone of the user. No need for a helmet or goggles. We made this choice because we want as many people as possible to have such an experience and everyone today has a smartphone. Even more this smartphone is

The Consequences Of Development

connected to social networks and the credit card.virality . For example, for Louboutin Fashion Week, it is 500 people who live the experience in a direct way and more than 3,000,000 who live it on social networks. Here is an example of how to transform an in situ experience into extremely viral marketing communications. The second thing is that we can create mechanisms for engagement by gamifying routes and this allows us to focus on products that our customers want to highlight in their stores. Third, we go back to the smartphone usage data that can be analyzed behind by the marketing departments. Finally, we can help

create value: for example, when I have an experience in a museum, this museum can offer me at the end of my experience reductions in partner brands. How did you start the project? The original idea was brought by my partner Vincent who has always worked in an innovative way. He sensed that augmented reality was going to be a new way of telling stories. A century ago, to have an audiovisual experience you had to go to the cinema. 50 years ago this experience came to our living rooms with television. About ten years ago, with Youtube, Dailymotion, we felt that the next step would probably be to use the real world as a medium. We said to ourselves: “if we have to develop a project, it must not cut off the virtual world from the real world

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