When you have finally load the product feed into Google Belize Phone Number Merchant Center, the products will be loade slowly. This always takes a while. But in the end you can see in the overview how many products have been approve and which have been Belize Phone Number rejecte (for various reasons). Check for these products why they have been rejecte and try to make adjustments. The 3 most common disapprovals within Merchant Center: GTIN is unknown. For some products it is mandatory to indicate a GTIN (barcode). For example, Google knows that the products have passed all Belize Phone Number tests and can therefore be sold. Promotional overlay on product images.

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Product images cannot have promotional text Belize Phone Number within the images. Therefore, avoid CTAs, logos, prices, etc. in the images of products. Violation of Shopping ads policy. Products that violate Google’s policies may not be featured. The more information you Belize Phone Number give Google about your products, the better the Shopping program from either Google or a CSS partner can read it. Automatically replenish the feed You can add additional information yourself, but you can Belize Phone Number also enable feed optimization tools for this. They help you, for example, to retrieve missing data from existing data.

Underlying Databases

Belize Phone Number

An example. You’re selling a red Tommy Hilfiger Belize Phone Number jacket. The product description states that this is a red jacket, but the data of the feed does not indicate this with the correct heading. A feed optimization tool lets you add smart rules to easily extract this Belize Phone Number information from product title and description to complete your data feed. Of course you can also do this without a feed optimization tool, but that will cost you quite a bit of time if you have a large product inventory. 3. Classify campaigns by margin/price benchmark Ultimately, you want to achieve as much profit and turnover from every campaign as possible.

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